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The revised blurb of my (hopefully one day) novel. Feel free to tell whats wrong with it.
         Alana just wants to get away from it all for awhile. After years of being ostracized by everyone she comes in contact with, she finally scapes up enough money to rent a small shack in Gulf Shores for a month long vacation. What better place to see where she wants to go in life than a pier overlooking the Gulf of Mexico with a beer in her hand?

         Being accustom to people avoiding her, she's surprised when a seemingly random, and handsome, stranger offers his help when she becomes stranded at the airport. Little does she know, over the course of just a few days, this man will change everything she believes about herself and the world around her.

         Thrust into a land of myth and legend, she must decided whether she will go into hiding or live up to everyone's hopes that she will help save a forgotten race. With danger and deception lurking around every corner, she must look beneath the surface of everyone she meets who claim they want what's best for her. As a veritable dooms day approaches, she may learn that people have had good reason to avoid her.
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