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Rated: 13+ · Serial · War · #1851620
The final end to the DeadLock series.

The morning was foggy and humid when Zain woke up. Only after he woke everyone else did he know that Lee was gone. There were no traces of him besides a note he left beside the desk. Forgive my actions but I am on my personal mission to fulfill my destiny. I wish all of you well-and though highly unlikely, I hope we meet again. -Lee Ki-Soo-. "Well? What should we do?" Alexis broke the silence. "We need to find them." Zain replied. "Who?" "Survivors."

"Mr. President, your flight will be ready in one hour." He woke up from his thoughts. How this nation, no, the entire world, become so chaotic? His father, a poor cobbler, used to say, "A man should control his own ambition, or it will turn into corruption." If he haven't made the N.A.C.P.G., nothing like this would've happened. Shaking his head grimly, he packed up his last bag and headed out to the Dulles International Airport.

The jet was small but it was controllable. He was able to identify the controls from taking aviation classes back when he was the ace of Mr. Black. It has been over twelve hours since he lifted off from an abandoned and unknown airport in California. Because he was not linked to any air stations, he relied only on instincts. Just a few hours more, he knew he would land on Pyongyang, the capital of the Great Republic Korea.

President Smith met with his wife, Julie Smith and his son, Will. After a silent greeting, they walked up to the Air Force One. A huge number of the U.S. army soldiers, S.W.A.T.s, FBI, CIA, and other organizations formed in ranks for the president. Beside the president's plane were dozens of helicopters and cargo planes, all ready for the flight. Before President Smith reached the first step, a loud cry came from the left. "It's the zombies, father," said Will. The next moment was chaos. Ranks scattered and deformed as soldiers tried to escape. Weapons were fired and people yelled in pain. One helicopter exploded into flames. The president watched in horror. "Henry, let's go," said the First Lady. "We must hurry, Mr. President," advised Colonel Ronald Shane of the Air Force.
Before the door of the Air Force One could be locked, a horde of zombies invaded the plane, killing many of the bodyguards. C.I.A. agent, Matthew Ferraro, was with the president and his family when the zombies barged into the room. Ferraro was killed after he shot three zombies down. The rest of the zombies fed on Henry and Julie Smith, while Will reached for Ferraro's gun. He shot the remaining down.

Zain, Susan, and Alexis were walking on a forest trail when they heard a high-pitched scream near them. It was from an old house surround by bushes. They barged into the house and saw zombies trying to reach the second floor. "Let's start this."
Lee Ki-soo landed his plane on a plain full of grass. Finding such plain in Korea was difficult but Lee was lucky. If his calculations were correct, the location where he is at is near Pyongyang. He was quickly proven right when he saw the great statue of the Supreme Leader. Kim Jong-un.
He packed up his stuff and approached the city quickly. It was early dawn, around 1 A.M. He quickly assassinated a guard and stole his ID. He used it to get through the guards and into the building where Kim Jong-un would be. Lee took out his Desert Eagle and checked every room for the Supreme Leader. He had no time to check every room so he hurried to the Supreme Quarters.

Air Force One lead pilot was concerned. The LED light for unlocked door was on, and zombies were all around the plane. "Lieutenant Wayne, come with me. The rest stay in the cockpit," ordered Colonel Ronald Shane. Shane and Wayne loaded their guns and quickly approached the unlocked door.
Will hid behind the desk until he heard gunfires. He saw one soldiers fighting the zombies while one was locking the door. "Over here!" he shouted. The gunfires got louder and zombies around him died. Will fell to his knees when he saw his parents dead. "I'm sorry," said Colonel Shane. A loud scream echoed the hallway of the airplane from the cockpit. "Let's go!" Shane ordered. He turned to Will and said, "Stay close to us."
When they reached the cockpit, zombies lunged at them. Shane successfully dodged them, but Wayne was too slow. Angered by the death of his friend. He killed every single zombie left on the plane. The remaining pilots in the cockpit were dead also. "Let's get out of here," said Shane. He started the engine and drove over the zombies surrounding the plane. At last, the Air Force One flew to the air. However, the plane started to decline into a fall. "What's happening?" asked Will. Shane noticed four of the engines on the left wing was damaged. "I think the zombies got inside the engines." Shane replied. The plane rocked to the left. "I'll give you a parachute, follow me!" shouted the pilot. They each took a parachute and went to the locked door. The plane was in a jerking motion. Shane latched the door open and secured the parachute on Will. "Push this button when you reach just above the trees. I'll push you off. Count to three: One, two, three!"
Will jumped and landed safely but he knew Shane was still on the plane when it crashed and exploded.

Lee Ki-soo peeked into the room. There he was, the Supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. He cocked his Desert Eagle and barged in. A gun fired, but Lee knew it wasn't his. He felt blood in his torso. Lee tried to shoot, but was shot again on his shoulder. He dropped to the floor. The gunfire was from Mr. Black, his leader from the past. "Betrayal can kill you, Ki-soo," Mr. Black replied. Despite the pain, he grabbed the pistol and fired. Lee was shot on the head. Kim Jong-un nodded in satisfactory. Lee had missed.

Zain, Susan, and Alexis rescued the girl, a 14-year-old in an abandoned house. Before they could go outside, the house was surrounded by a horde of zombies. Zain used every weapon they got - AK-47, a hand grenade, kitchen knives, and matches. Zain, with an ax, Susan, with a hammer, and Alexis, with a saw, waited near the front door for the zombies to barge in. "What's your name?" Zain asked. "Talley Spiritwalker." "You're my daughter..." A wave of sympathy and emotion encouraged the team to fight even more ferocious, but they were outnumbered heavily. Zain looked at his daughter for the last time. My daughter...
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