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Inspired by an attractive co-worker who showed off her dance moves one time.
That bodacious angel, so lush and divine, 
A great ballroom treasure, by blessed design – 
Her glittering sweetness on the parquet floor,
Has every young gentleman wanting her more… 

A flaming wax candle that’s burning so hot,
Giving the dance floor all that she’s got.
Spinning and dipping with all the right moves,
As her partner, in rhythm, gracefully grooves… 

As the music concludes, she gives it a rest,
A red hot she-devil showing her best –
A drink, she would like, during her break,
With that handsome gent, for Heaven's sake!

Dressing so splendid, a nine or a ten,
Still flipping and twirling, time and again. 
All of the gentlemen asking to dance,
With many more cuties not given a chance. 

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