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4th of July Celebration contest entry
Excitement and anticipation, joy and happiness permeated our entire colony while we were bustling
about all the nooks and crannies of our spacious dwellings, which were the perfect place to enjoy our
magnificent and very wonderful huge gathering for our yearly celebration. We were the original
inhabitants of this fine fertile and natural land with exceedingly rich soil and plenty of food to sustain us
for centuries.

Many years ago new inhabitants arrived in our land and set up many different and strange practices.
We were unhappy that they were disturbing the natural ways of nature, however, we also noticed there
were some advantages to having these beings around us. They regularly celebrated special days and
soon this was going to happen again which would result in a plethora of riches for us and our neighbors.
Diligently everyone worked to provide a restful and relaxing area with all the items necessary for a
huge feast and spectacular entertainment. The soil was moved to make room for a crowd to have a
superior vantage point to watch the festivities. Nesting places and comfortable elements were carefully
arranged and readied for this fabulous event.

We could watch the huge show provided by others without any work or expense placed upon us, so
there was no need for us to acquire any fireworks. And, taking the chance of being discovered stealing
from the huge inhabitants of the higher elevations would result in execution by crushing or

It wasn't until these new invaders arrived that we were aware of the existence of fireworks. The very
first time we experienced the display it was terrifying and we thought the world was coming to its' end.
We were unable to stop the massive partying each year so we decided to have our own event and
make the best of our situation.

These strange items although explosive and bright beyond our knowledge of anything except the sun
did give us additional sustenance. The paper is of great interest to us as well as the changes in the soil
after all the explosions stopped and everyone was finished partying and making excessive noise and
tramping over the ground like a herd of buffalo.

After consuming a massive variety of all kinds of natural and unique tasty morsels, it was time to
wiggle into position for viewing the fireworks display. Soon the earth shook violently and lighted up as if
there had been a nuclear explosion. Pop, bang, boom! then this was followed by colors so bright and a
shaking ground that felt like an earthquake and a volcanic explosion together. Fortunately, the soil
was very healthy and our dwellings were well built. The earth was full of what nature had intended in
1907, so we received safety from disease and safety from depleted soils falling and shifting. The fireworks
lasted many minutes and then it was time to return to our wormholes and continue our work
eating the decomposed matter in the soil and adding our nutrients back so that the farmers had good

Is anyone interested in dessert, this is very tasty paper and it is of superior quality. Enjoy yourselves
while you can because tomorrow is another work day of cleaning up the soil and giving back the
nutrients that are needed for the trees and plants on the planet.
Worm Ville was blessed this 4th of July day 1907.

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I do not remember the contest name because it's been so long ago. I have learned to put the prompt and contest in a drop note which I now do regularly.
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