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Path to citzenship for illegal immigrants
Unless you live under a rock, you know we have an illegal immigration problem. From what I understand, the position of the Latino community is if you speak Spanish you should be allowed to stay in the USA or immigrate. Forget that you are a felon, have a terminal disease, no skills, or entered the USA illegally.
Not only do we need to address illegal immigration, legal immigration needs a major overhaul. The only criteria for immigration should be to fill a job that an American citizen is unable or unwilling to take. Retired millionaires should also be give preference.  The point is you must be self supporting.
I don’t care if you have relatives here. The Cubans in Miami who have been here for thirty years all seem to have a dozen cousins that they somehow have kept in touch with. I’m a big fan of Bill Clinton, but his “wet foot dry foot” program was a big mistake. It’s no wonder the Haitians and other Hispanics are pissed.
Everyone who comes to the USA comes for a better life. Asylum is the first thing I would discontinue. Sure Castro is bad, but what about Syria and Somalia?  We can’t let everyone who is having a tough time in their country to come here.  The wet foot dry foot policy assumed that Castro had nothing better to do than harass anyone who didn’t agree with him. The threat of female circumcision is not a valid reason to come to the USA. The other alternative we have chosen to help the oppressed around the world is to bomb the shit out of their country until the leader becomes a nice guy. This has not worked so well either. Health care and social security for citizens is already bankrupting our country; we can ill afford to give benefits to immigrants.
So who started the idea of a path to citizenship?  I suggest that becoming a US Citizen was not of the top of the list for most illegal immigrants. Let’s take citizenship off the table. If the illegals can stay here and work I think they’ll be happy. Following the letter of the law and deporting 10 million people is not practicable. If we are to issue green cards for the illegals there must be some penalty. First of all, to be eligible your criminal record must be squeaky clean.
Taking an idea from FIFA the new program will be called the “yellow card.” Yellow cards will be issued to eligible immigrants. They can never become citizens, including their children no matter whether they crawled under the fence or were born here. They will also pay into social security, but never be able to collect. This I believe is a small price to pay for breaking our laws. With citizenship off the table the politicians will have no reason to pander to the illegals in hopes of getting their vote. If they commit any serious crime a “red card” will be issued and they will be deported.
Anyway, think about it.

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