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A dark day hast come. Who shall save us?
Heavens Fall 0?1

She hurriedly gathered her belongings, overcoat, hat, gloves, and locket. Her heart raced as if it were about to burst into a billion bits of molten flesh inside her sweat ladened chest, as she rushed for the door. FEAR. . . It gripped her like the the hands of death himself welcoming her into an eternal nothingness. Her eyes were filled with torment and the drag of a spirit that had been all but defeated. . .
Still, under all this, shown a light of hope. . .

She reached for the door handle in a trembling scurry,
-If this doesn't open all shall be lost-.

As she turns the knob and steps outside, what she was to witness was far worse that any emotion she’d once believed nothing to be more dreadful,

The sky had slipped into a deep dark gray, smothered in clouds that would not end. The storm had brought on a rain with such a merciless thundering roar, that it sounded as if there had never been a God. The clouds were separated at points where large winged beasts were descending to the ground. And the earth pierced by demons emerging from the hellish underworld beneath. . .

Amrus Took hold of her locket, and prayed the world would not be thrown into chaos on this day. . .
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