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A sample of a larger piece of work, entitiles the birthday party.
A birthday atmosphere hung in the air. Children smiled and laughed, balloons floated around in the breeze. Emily, a young girl of four, clutched at her mother's arm as they walked towards the front gate of a charming garden. She looked at the other children and Emily's breath caught in her throat as she thought about being left here without her mother. She looked up at her mum with big brown, teary eyes, begging her to turn around and take Emily with her. Janice smiled down at her pride and joy and bent down on one knee. She looked Emily straight in the eye and said,
"Sweetheart, you don't have to stay for long. Just long enough to say hi to Amy and Leanne, Okay? I wont leave you on your own. Afterwards we will go and get ice-cream."
She leaned in and kissed her daughters forehead, pushing a strand of soft brown hair behind Emily's ear. Emliy smiled greatfully and nodded. Hand in hand they walked down the path to face an expectant crowd of guests, together. Always.
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