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These are the mountains we visited while on vaction. We had a memorable time there.

Visiting Moab, Utah, in 1997 was an adventure. Venturing up into the LaSalle Mountains nearby became memorable for me. These magnificent mountains are the tallest in the state and are covered with thick forests of aspen and fir trees.

On my first night camping out in all this surrounding beauty, I saw and heard wildlife up close and personal. These are the advantages when going off-road. However, it does have its dangers, which I was very much aware of; when venturing into territory no one frequents.

The next morning, standing on top of the mountain, I took pictures of my husband and two sons driving their four-wheelers down this steep path leading into the valley below. It was all so beautiful that I continued snapping pictures of the scenery. As I scanned and zoomed in on certain objects I wanted to see closer, I became so involved in checking out the terrain in this manner when… Jeepers creepers, a large black bear appeared in my lens, looking too close for comfort. Let me say, I almost lost my footing, and while trying to keep my balance, my camera flew out of my hands, and my straw hat blew away in the breeze. As I tried to get my balance, my arms flying every which way, I checked out the bear’s position. She hadn’t moved nor looked threatening when I’m not looking through a zoomed-in lens. I moved back a little on more stable ground; and watched her two little cubs chase each other in and out of the river. Oh, how I wanted to film them; but didn’t dare move towards my camera, because I knew mother bear was keeping an eye on me. Thankfully, she was below while I was on top of the mountain, but all this could change if threatened. Sadly, mother bear decided to move her family further down the riverbank. With her back turned, I slid down to retrieve my camera, checked to see if it was okay, and then once more looked through the lens. I did get a picture of them, but not the one I wanted of the cubs at play.

Our family camped out for a week in the same spot. I spotted elk, and mule deer, heard the coyotes howling at night, and came across a fox scurrying in the woods. I busied myself taking pictures as my daughter, Gail, and I walked the many available trails. Marvin is a gold prospector, so, he panned or dredged for gold while our sons, Daniel and Kevin, helped with moving the heavy equipment. They had protection with them, at all times, in case any black bears, bobcats, or cougars were lurking about. {/b}

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