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Set in England during 1787. A Mail-Coach from London to Bristol is carrying gold.
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                                          Stonehenge Gold

The heyday of mail coaching was the latter part of the eighteenth century. Horse drawn stage coaches had been in existence for some years but without an armed guard, they lacked the security required for carrying mail.

The first mail coach ran on 8 August 1784, it left London at 8 am and arrived in Bristol at 11 pm that evening. Until then, mail was delivered over long distances by ’en on horses with the mail in bags, they were known as Post boys,’  Being an easy target for robbers and highwaymen, a more secure way of transporting mail was needed.

It was in 1784, that John Palmer came up with the idea of mail coaches. The then Prime Minister William Pitt liked the idea and agreed to a trial organised by Palmer. Within months there were mail coaches travelling to major towns or cities throughout the mainland.

Mail coaches were hired from a contractor by the Post Office. The Post Office stipulated the routes and time tables. The guards had overall responsibility for the coach, it’s contents and it’s passengers. They were employed directly by the Post Office, and were armed usually with a Blunderbuss and two pistols. Although they were expensive to travel on, it was only the popularity of the railways in the early 19th century that brought about the demise of the horse drawn coaches.

Set in 1797.  Travelling through a stormy night at around 3.00 am, the London to Bristol mail-coach is behind schedule. On board the coach is a consignment of gold bars,  which are to leave Bristol on a ship bound for America. James Wells is the guard a former soldier with ambitions. He has his own plans for the gold.Edward Jenks is the coachman / driver, sixty four years old, and looking forward to retirement. He also has his own plans for the gold.


James Wells, Mail Coach Guard.

Edward Jenks, Coachman.          

Louisa Turner a Passenger.

Ben Wilson a Highwayman.

Harold the Stable owner.             

Reverend Bailey a Passenger.

Peter, Guard on the Bath coach.

Martha Wells, James wife.

Henry, Martha’s brother.

Edgar Gray, the Post Office Inspector.

Man by fire.          

Gipsy man

Gipsy woman          



JAMES:                    For Gods sake Edward, can’t we go any faster?

                             Half past four and there’s still another twelve miles to


EDWARD:        I’m driving as fast as I can, I have to be careful with

                           these trees and branches brought down in this storm.                    

JAMES:                    We have to get to Bristol by noon. The ship

                             sails for America at half past one.

EDWARD:                    Don’t worry James, we’ll make it, but I can hardly see

                             anything in this rain.

JAMES:                    Maybe I should be the driver and you be the guard!

EDWARD:                    You couldn’t handle a four horse Mail-coach!                              

JAMES:                    Fourteen years ago in the American war, I was dragging

                             four horse artillery carts all over the place.

EDWARD:          I forgot, your an old soldier aren’t  you?

JAMES:                    Old soldier! I’m only thirty seven!

EDWARD:                    It looks as if the storm is clearing now, we’ll soon make

                             up time across Salisbury Plain.

JAMES:                    I hope so, we mustn’t be late for the ship.

EDWARD:                 Where are the passengers going to?                                 

JAMES:                    Reverend Bailey gets out at Devizes, Miss Turner and Mr

                             Gray are with us all the way to Bristol. Mr Gray is an

                             inspector with the Post Office, so be careful.


EDWARD:                    Is it true that were carrying gold bars to Bristol?

JAMES:                    It could be gold bars, or it could be turnips, or even snuff.          

EDWARD:                    Is the gold the reason why we’re going through Bath on

                             this run?

JAMES:                   It could be. The supervisor arranged it.

EDWARD:                 Do we still go past Stonehenge?

JAMES:                    Yes we do. There’ll be Druids around the stones,

                             celebrating the summer solstice at sunrise, which is only

                             about an hour away, so we’ll need to keep our          

                             eyes open, just in case.  Watch out, a tree branch!

EDWARD:                    Don’t worry, it’s only a small one.

JAMES:                    Drive through it.

EDWARD:          There was a time when you’d never let your coach to

                             get scratched.

JAMES:                    That’s true, but things are different now, people 

                             do change.

EDWARD:             Your pointing your gun in my direction James!

JAMES:                 Don’t worry, I‘m not going to shoot you!

                             I’m getting ready for any highwaymen.

EDWARD:             I thought you were going to shoot me.                              

JAMES:                 Edward, how would this coach get to Bristol if I shot you?

EDWARD:           You’d find a way, especially if you wanted the gold for


JAMES:                    As I said before, it could be turnips or snuff.

EDWARD:                    I heard there were to be thirty gold bars on here today.          

JAMES:                    Who on earth told you that story?

EDWARD:                    Ned, the supervisor for the Bristol area.

JAMES:                    I’ve never trusted Ned. Who else did he tell I wonder.

                             He had no business telling you. Things always seem

                             to happen since he started working with us.

                             If it’s gold I think we should stop and share it out between


EDWARD:                    That’s a good idea James!

BOTH:                    Ha ha ha.

JAMES:                 Edward, quick, speed up!  There’s two riders coming up

                             fast from behind, maybe they have been tipped off by

                             Ned as well.

EDWARD:               How far back are they?

JAMES:                 Fifteen yards maybe, they’ve pulled out to overtake us.

                             Whatever happens, don’t slow down!

EDWARD:          There they go, strait past us.

                             Don’t forget we have to stop at Harold’s stables soon.

JAMES:                   Yes I know, Harold’s about a mile away.

                              Edward, I think I recognised one of those riders!

EDWARD:          Who do you think it was?

JAMES:                    I’m sure it was Ben Wilson.

EDWARD:          Ben Wilson, that thieving drunken rogue.                              

JAMES:                    Yes, I‘m sure it was him.

EDWARD:                    He’s probably making for the Exeter coaches.

JAMES:                    He’s up to no good, that’s for sure.

                             Mind that cart in front!

EDWARD:                    Who’s driving this, me or you?

                             I can see it.                              

JAMES:                    (sounds post horn)

                             Get to the side of the road you stupid cart man!

EDWARD:          Did you notice there were Druids in that cart?

JAMES:                    Yes, I saw them, five altogether.

EDWARD:                    They’re  no danger to us.

JAMES:                    Everyone’s a possible danger to us.

EDWARD:                    What the…damn it, a wheel has struck a boulder.

                             Steady, hold on tight everyone!

                             Steady on horses, slow down now.

LOUISA:                    Edward, are we going to crash?

EDWARD:                    No my dear, your quite safe.

JAMES:                    (mimics Edward)

                             No my dear, your quite safe.

                             Edward wont crash, my dear.

EDWARD:                    Hold tight Louisa dear.

JAMES:                    Edward, you old dog!

                             (then says sarcastically)

                             Hold on tight Louisa dear!

                             Don’t fall out of the coach my dear!

EDWARD:                    One of the front wheel rims has buckled on that boulder.

                             Blasted drovers, they always leave roads in a mess.

EDGAR GRAY:          Driver, I insist that you take more care.

                             This is a mail-coach, not a farm cart.

                             I’ll report this upon my return to the Post Office.

JAMES:                    It’s all right Edgar, I’ll sack this incompetent driver.

                             I’ll see he never drives a mail-coach again.          

EDWARD:                    You’ll what?

JAMES:                    (says loudly towards Edward)

                             You will vacate your driving post upon our arrival in

                             Devizes, you grossly incompetent old fool.

                             (whispers) Shut up, we have to keep Edgar sweet.                              

EDWARD:                    (whispers) You are jesting aren’t you?

JAMES:                    I’m thinking about it!

EDWARD:                    I hope you are jesting!

JAMES:                    (says loudly) This is your last run you decrepit fool !

EDWARD:                    Alright James, don‘t overdo it.          

JAMES:                    Keep your eyes open around the stables, just in case.

EDWARD:                    I can’t see anyone down there, except Harold.

JAMES:                    It looks clear enough, drive on down to the yard.

LOUISA:                    What a racket those horses are making, how can a girl

                             sleep with that noise?

EDWARD:                    Sorry, but we can’t help it my dear.


JAMES:                 Hello Harold, how are you my friend?

HAROLD:                    I‘m fine James, how are you?

JAMES:                    We’re both soaking wet, cold and miserable.

HAROLD:                    It’s better out than being in a warm dry bed.

JAMES                    Did you see those two riders, a few minutes ago?

HAROLD:                  I heard them, but I didn’t actually see them, why?

JAMES:                 I think one of them was Ben Wilson, he‘s suspected

                             of killing and robbing an old gipsy last month, they say

                             he even stole her cloth pegs!

HAROLD:                    I wouldn’t put that past him, he‘s worse than an old rat.

JAMES:                     Have you seen him lately?

HAROLD:                 Funnily enough he was here yesterday, he said he

                             wanted to borrow a horse and cart for the day,

                             he didn’t say why.                                                  

JAMES:                    I wonder what he’s up to?

HAROLD:                    I told him I couldn’t help with a horse or a cart.

                             Come to think of it, he also asked what time the early

                             morning mail-coach gets in here.

JAMES:                 What did you tell him?

HAROLD:          I said that most mornings you got here at about

                             three o’clock, shouldn’t I have said that?

JAMES:                 It’s all right, it doesn’t matter, our stops are not secret.

HAROLD:                    It’ll involve money if he has anything to do with it, unless

                             your carrying gold bars!

JAMES:                    If we had gold bars,  I’d be on my way to France by now.

BOTH                     Ha ha ha.

JAMES:                    Horses changed, we’d better get on the road again,

                             see you again Harold.

HAROLD:                    Bye James, Edward, you both take it steady now.

JAMES:                    We will. Come on Edward, time to move on, get back on

                             the coach. 


EDWARD:                 I was just telling Louisa, I mean Miss Turner, the

                             horses names, Trixie, Louis, Alfred and Alma, some of

                             the best coach horses around.

JAMES::                    Bye Harold, see you again. Edward, have you been



EDWARD:                    No I haven’t, why?

JAMES:                 Your very amiable with the lady?

EDWARD;                 I’m only being friendly, that’s all.

JAMES:            Wait until I see your wife!

EDWARD:                 She wont care.

JAMES:                   Oh dear, trouble in paradise?

EDWARD:                 We’ve had words, that’s true.

JAMES:                    Oh dear, What about may I ask?

EDWARD:                    She doesn’t trust me.

JAMES:                    Nor do I, but I still talk to you!                    

EDWARD:                    She was told I’d been seen talking to a lady.

JAMES:                   Not Daphne, the bar woman?

EDWARD:                    No, not her.

JAMES:                    Should your wife be worried?

EDWARD:                    Not at all.                    

JAMES:                    What’s going on then?

EDWARD:                    I’ll explain when we stop for a break.

JAMES:                    I’ve just thought of something.

EDWARD:                    What’s that?                              

JAMES:                    Ben Wilson wanted to hire a cart from Harold.

EDWARD:          Do you think he knows about the gold?

JAMES:                    Someone told you, you told me, that’s how things get


EDWARD:                    I’ve only mentioned it to you.

JAMES:                    If Ned told you, who else has he told?


EDWARD:                    Ben Wilson wouldn’t know.

JAMES:                    Lets hope so.

EDWARD:                    Look, what’s going on at the crossroads?

JAMES:                   Slow down, It’s a bonfire in the middle of the road.

                             Take it slowly and drive around it.

EDWARD:          They may have guns, we’d better stop.

JAMES:                     Get closer, but don’t stop yet.


MAN BY FIRE:  Stop right there coachman!                    

                             The Devizes road is blocked by a fallen tree.

                             You need to go past the stones, take the Warminster

                             road then turn right.

JAMES:                 You can’t tell me which road a mail-coach should take.                              

MAN BY FIRE:          Mail-coach or not, the Devizes road is blocked!                    

JAMES:                 I decide when a road is blocked, get out of our way.

MAN BY FIRE:          Can you move an forty foot sycamore tree in less time

                             than the diversion takes?                              

EDWARD:                 James, lets take the diversion, the time is getting on.

MAN BY FIRE:          Do as your driver says.

JAMES:                   Strange, I can’t recall any sycamores along that road.

                             Drive past the stones, but it could be an ambush

EDWARD:                    There wont be an ambush, there are too many people

                             about here for the solstice.

JAMES:                    See those Druids standing in the road by the stones?

                             If they don’t move, run them down.

EDWARD:                 Are you serious, there are about a dozen of them.?

JAMES:                     Do as I say Edward!


EDWARD:           You worry too much.

JAMES:                     One idle remark in an Inn, and word soon gets around.

                             Peter on the Bath mail-coach told me that he knew of it.                              

EDWARD:                 When was that?

JAMES:                   Two or three days ago.                    

EDWARD:          I haven’t heard a thing, apart from Ned.

JAMES:                    Coachmen are not always told what’s being carried.                    

                             Besides if it was gold, you’d run off with it!

EDWARD:                    Too right I would.

BOTH                    Ha ha ha.

MAN BY FIRE:          Are you two going to sit there all day?

JAMES:                    Post Office business is nothing to do with you sir.

                             Move on, Edward.

EDWARD:          Right you are boss, but two Druids are still standing

                             in the road.

JAMES:                    I’ll sound the horn, if they don’t move, run them down!                              

EDWARD:          I’ll drive around them.

EDGAR GRAY:          Guard, what’s going on?

JAMES:                     Nothing to worry about Edgar, just some locals blocking

                             the road.


EDWARD:                    They’re not moving but I can’t run them down!

JAMES:                    Do as I say, run them down!

DRUID. (BEN WILSON)          Stop this coach! Stop James!

JAMES:                    Well well well, so we meet again Ben Wilson!

                             A thief and a murderer dressed as a Druid; whatever


                             What’s the matter Ben, Granny got no money left?

                              Have you bled all the family dry?                    

BEN WILSON:           Shut up James, give me the key to the trunk, then you

                             may continue!

JAMES:                    I’ll never give you that key.

BEN WILSON:          James, give me the key to the trunk,                    

                             don’t waste time, give me the key!

JAMES:                    You may shout all you like, but there is nothing on

                             this coach for you.

BEN WILSON:          There are gold bars in the trunk for me!

                             I want the gold James.

James:                    Over my dead body.

EDWARD:                    Come on James, there’s no sense in resisting

                             Give him the key, it‘s not your own gold.                    

BEN WILSON:          Get the key from him Edward and open          

                             the trunk.

EDWARD:                    Give me the key James.

JAMES:                    Edward, are you in this with them?

                             You are, you double crossing crook.

EDWARD:                    (Edward calls down to Louisa)          

                             Louisa,  do what we said, my dear!

(Sound              Gunshot followed by Louisa screaming)

JAMES:                    What’s happened down there?

LOUISA:                     That nasty Mr Gray attacked me.                    

                             I thought he was going to, well, you know…

JAMES:                    Edgar Gray is a Post Office Inspector, if you’ve killed him

                             you’ll all hang.          

                             Edward, your in this up to your rope gripping neck, and

                             that woman your in with. You’ll both hang for this.

BEN WILSON::          He’s dead, because he attacked the lady.

JAMES:                    You’ll hang with them Ben Wilson.

REVEREND BAILEY: Send for a Magistrate immediately. I didn’t see

                             anyone attack the lady. It was sheer murder.

JAMES:                    Reverend, I’ll summon the          magistrate as soon as we can

                             apprehend these murderers.

REVEREND BAILEY: That poor man, killed for nothing.

                             Dear lady, you will have to answer for that.

LOUISA:                    He attacked me!

BEN WILSON:          Shut up all of you, James, give Edward the key.

                             William, you dump the body in that ditch over there.

                             James, give me the key, or you’re the next one in the


JAMES:                     I’ll see you dead first. Your not getting your hands on the



LOUISA:                    James, give Ben the key.

JAMES:                    Shut up woman.

BEN WILSON:           William, get me a hammer from the cart.

EDWARD:                       (consoling a crying Louise)

                             Cheer up my dear, everything will be alright.

JAMES:                   It won’t be alright, she’ll hang with you.

BEN WILSON:  Get down from the coach James.

                              Edward, get down and take Louisa away from

                             here, both of you, get behind the stones.

                              William, smash that trunk lid, lets see the gold.

(Sound                          James climbs down from coach.)

BEN WILSON:           Get down slowly James, where I can see you.

                                       William quick, smash that trunk lid.

EDWARD:                                   (From behind a tall stone)

                                          It’s all right my dear, we’ll be safe here.

(Sound                              Intermittent gun shots until stop note)

BEN WILSON:                     That was a warning James.                    

JAMES:                           Give up Ben, or you’ll die here.

BEN WILSON:                    Look out Edward, James is running towards you!

JAMES:                              Give up Edward before it’s too late.

EDWARD:                              Stay away James, we have guns as well.

                                       Keep calm Louisa my dear.

BEN WILSON:                     It’s alright Edward, I’m coming over.

LOUISA:                              Edward, shoot James, he’s coming this way.

JAMES:                           Edward, don’t be a fool, give me the gun.

LOUISA:                              Don’t give him the gun Edward.

EDWARD:                    Louisa, go back to the coach, no one will hurt you.

                                       James, lets talk. We could share the gold, just you

                                       and me.

                                       Louisa, get back to the coach, James let’s talk.

JAMES:                              We’ll talk about it when Wilson is dead.

                                       Come any closer Wilson, and I’ll shoot.          

BEN WILSON:           Edward, shoot him, he’s right besides you.

                                       William has got to the gold, it’s ours!

JAMES:                              Edward get him.

BEN WILSON:                    Give up James, while you can.

                                       Walk away, and you live.

                                       Edward, aim at his legs!

EDWARD:                    Sorry Ben, I’ve changed my mind.

BEN WILSON:                    You’re a fool Edward. James will be dead soon,

                                       and you’ll have nothing.

                                       I’ll ride away with the gold.

JAMES:                             Come over here Edward.

BEN WILSON:           Stay there Edward.

JAMES:                           Drop your gun Wilson, next time I wont miss.

                                       Get behind that stone Edward.

BEN WILSON:             Edward, you two timing little creep,

                                       I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you.                                         

(Sound                              final gun shot here.)

EDWARD:                         You’ve shot him James, he’s dead!

JAMES:                           Stand back, lets make sure.

EDWARD:                         Will we share the gold between us?

JAMES:                           Yes, but first we must get away from here.

EDWARD:                         You won’t double cross me will you?

JAMES:                           Trust me Edward, I’m your best friend.

EDWARD:                         You’re my only friend!

JAMES:                           It’s not your day is it?

JAMES:                              Give me your gun Edward.

EDWARD:                         I need a gun in case…

JAMES:                           Give it to me!

EDWARD:                         Here you are, but can I trust you?

JAMES:                           Never trust me, Edward.

EDWARD:                         Now you tell me.

JAMES:                              Get back on the coach, lets get away from here.

                                       Don’t tell the Reverend anything.

EDWARD:                              Can we share the gold out before we move on?

JAMES:                              We’ll share the gold later. My wife Martha and her

                                       brother Henry are waiting for us now. Our son

                                       Jack is with them as well.

                                       Martha and Henry will stop the coach and take the

                                       gold to Henrys cart. My boy Jack is going to have

                                       a better life than me. We’ll be able to send him to          

                                       Oxford to study medicine or something.

EDWARD:                              It’s going to set us up for life.          

                                       Will Henry gets some of your share?

JAMES:                              Yes, I thought it was only fair.                    

EDWARD:                              Are you happy with that?

JAMES:                              I couldn’t take it from your share.

                                       Come on, lets get going.

EDWARD:                              Come on Louise my dear, get in the coach.

JAMES:                              Reverend Bailey, I apologise for this incident.

                                       You go and wait over by the roadside for the

                                       Magistrate. He will take you to a hotel.

                                       I’m taking this coach to be repaired now, but I’ll

                                       meet you later for a drink.

                                       This pair will get the justice they deserve.

REV BAILEY:                    Thank you guard, what a terrible day when greed

                                       overwhelms a mans life. We must pray for their poor souls.

JAMES:                              Indeed, we must sir, indeed we must.

REV BAILEY:                    It is a pity that a young hard working man such as

                                       yourself should be pained from the greed of the          

                                       Lords lost lambs.

JAMES:                              Lost lambs indeed.

                                       Hopefully, it’s sheep to the slaughter soon.          

                                       Now you make your way to the roadside, sir.

EDWARD:                              There’s a mail-coach coming, where is that

                                       one from do you think?

JAMES:                              Damn damn, damn.

EDWARD:                              Who is it?

JAMES:                              It’s Peter, with the Bristol coach.                    

                                       He’ll have heard what’s happened.

                                       Don’t you say a word, leave him to me.

PETER:                              Hello James my dear boy, a hold up! What

                                       will we Post Office boys suffer from next?

                                       Dear boy, are you running off with the gold?

                                       Stop thief!  And you, looking handsome in the                    

                                       scarlet, azure and gold uniform of the King!

JAMES:                              Peter, shut up, I’m not in the mood for your stupid

                                       chatter. We’ve just been robbed and we’re about

                                       to chase after them.

PETER:                              You don’t fool me my dear boy, the gold is still on

                                       your coach.  I’ll report you.

                                       How shall I spend my reward for catching a


JAMES:                              I can’t waste my time talking to you.                    

                                       Send a scout with a message to London, telling

                                       them we’ve been robbed, tell them that

                                       we are chasing the villains                              

PETER:                              Give me a half of the gold James or I will see you

                                       hang. Don’t fool with me James.          

JAMES:                              Edward, lets get going after Ben Wilson and

                                       get the gold back. Come on, lets get moving.

PETER:                              Who’s the woman James, an accomplice?

                                       Sadly, you always had an eye for a pretty girl.


JAMES:                              Peter, go to the Black Swan, don’t delay sending a

                                       scout with news of my misfortune. I will call on a

                                       magistrate directly. Edward, drive on.

PETER:                              I’m not letting you out of my sight.

                                       I want my share of the gold.

JAMES:                              Faster Edward, make for the Warminster road.

EDWARD:                    Don’t we need the Devizes road?

JAMES:                              Do as I say, I know where we are going.                    

EDWARD:                    Is this where we turn off?

JAMES:                              Yes. Faster, Peters catching up on us.

EDWARD:                    I know Ralf, Peters coachman.

JAMES:                              Can’t we make more speed along here?

EDWARD:                    I doubt we’ll lose them, Ralf is one of the best

                                       coachmen there is.

(Sound                              gunfire, shot hits back of coach.)

JAMES:                              Look out Edward, Peter is shooting at us.

EDWARD:                    I don’t like this at all.

JAMES:                              I’ve hit Ralf, he’s fallen from his chair!

                                       Their coach is stopping.

EDWARD:                    We must rest and water these horses soon.

JAMES:                              There’s a ford up ahead, we’ll rest the horses


EDWARD:                    That sounds good.

JAMES:                               Watch out for these trees, the branches are

                                       getting lower.

EDWARD:                    How do you know these roads then?

JAMES:                              I came this way once, when snow blocked the

                                       coach road.

EDWARD:                  Louise my dear, we’re stopping here.

JAMES:                              I’m going to sit on the grass, and clean this gun.

EDWARD:                    We’ll join you.

JAMES:                              What a day this is.

EDWARD:                    It certainly is.

                                       Are things still going to your plan?

JAMES:                              Almost to the letter.

                                       Just a couple of irritations left.

EDWARD:                    When do we share the gold out?

JAMES:                               Not here, it’s too risky.                                        

EDWARD:                              I expect the army will be out looking for us now.

                                       You haven’t changed your mind about sharing the

                                       gold have you?

JAMES:                              Trust me Edward, you’ll get what’s due to you.

EDWARD:                    What’s that noise?

JAMES:                              It’s a horse rider, damn, it’s Peter.

LOUISA:                              Oh no, Edward were trapped again.

PETER:                              Hello again James dear boy.

                                       Had you thought you’d lost me?

JAMES:                              I was hoping to have seen the last of you.

                                       Where’s Ralf?

PETER:                              He’s dead dear boy, your quite a shot aren’t you?

JAMES:                         Leave before I show how good a shot I really am.

PETER:                              Lets share the gold out here, then I’ll leave you.

JAMES:                               I told you,  the gold has been stolen from us.

LOUISA:                              Edward, lets get back in the coach.

JAMES:                              Yes, you two get back in the coach.

PETER:                              This is your last chance, to share the gold.

(Sound                             James and Peter fight.)

JAMES:                              Peter, I warned you, take that….and that…

PETER:                              You wont get away……take that……

JAMES:                              He’s out cold.

EDWARD:                              Shall we move on then James?

JAMES:                              Yes, let’s get away from here as fast as we can.          




EDWARD:                              The wheel is getting worse, it sounds dangerous.

JAMES:                              Stop and I’ll have a look at it.

LOUISA:                              Is it as serious as it sounds?

EDWARD:                              No my dear, it’ll be nothing to worry about.

JAMES:                              It’s the rim of the wheel, it’s split, and just about

                                       holding together. Just take it steady, that’s all we                                        

                                       can do.

EDWARD:                              When do we share the gold James?

JAMES:                              When we get to Martha and Henry.

EDWARD:                              Where are they?

JAMES:                              They are about ten miles away. 

EDWARD:                              This is as fast as I dare take this coach.

JAMES:                              Perhaps we can go faster when the road straitens.

EDWARD:                              I don’t think it’s worth the risk.

JAMES:                              Stop when you can, it’s time to light the lamps.

EDWARD:                              We don’t want to be seen do we?.

JAMES:                              With or without lights, we’ll draw attention.

EDWARD:                              Stopping now.

JAMES:                              There isn’t much oil left for the lamps.

EDWARD:                              There’s some more in a jar somewhere.

JAMES:                              This will do for now, drive on Edward.

EDWARD:                              Right boss.


JAMES:                              Bath isn’t very far now.

EDWARD:                    Martha and Jack will be pleased to see you.

JAMES:                              I think they will be very happy.

EDWARD:                              There’s a sign, it reads Bath 7 miles.

                                       Where exactly will Martha and Henry be?

JAMES:                              Bathampton, half way down the hill, alongside the


LOUISA:                              I will be glad to get out of this noisy rocking


JAMES:                              It’s good to see a happier countenance on your

                                       face Edward!

EDWARD:                              I’m relieved the journey is almost over, and I‘m

                                       very much richer. Is that so James?

JAMES:                              Your in my plans Edward,  don’t you worry

EDWARD:                              That’s good to know.                                        

JAMES:                              Look, through the trees down there,

                                       I can lamps burning, right across the road.

                                       Damn, damn, damn, It’s an army road block!

EDWARD:                              There must be a dozen soldiers there.

                                       Lets stop now and share the gold out.

                                       Louisa and I can make our way from here.

                                       You could easily drive the coach alone.

LOUISA:                              Yes, that’s a good idea, lets do that.

JAMES.                              No! it’s too dangerous to stop this close to those

                                       soldiers. Make the horses run for their lives.

                            (Sound of guns firing.)

EDWARD:                              We’ll end up dead if we go too fast!

JAMES:                              We’ll end up dead if we don’t.                                        

EDWARD:                              Were going too fast, this is madness!

                                       I can hardly control the coach. 


JAMES:                              Shut up Edward and concentrate on driving.                                         

EDWARD:                              James come and help me hold the horses!

JAMES:                              Go through the road block, don’t stop!                                        

EDWARD:                              I can’t do anything else, were doomed.

                                       The gunfire and shouting is frightening the horses.

JAMES:                              Keep going, they can’t stop us!

EDWARD:                    James, Louisa, get ready to jump off!

JAMES:                              Drop the reigns, the horses will follow the road.                                        

EDWARD:                              It’s too late, the horse shaft is breaking away.

JAMES:                              There’s Martha and Henry!

                                       Stop the coach!

EDWARD:                    The horses are frightened by guns and shouting.

MARTHA:                              Stop the coach!

                                       This is a hold up.

HENRY:                              Stop the coach!

                                       This is a hold up.

MARTHA:                              James, stop. …James it‘s me………

HENRY:                              Stop now……James… stop….

JAMES:                              Edward, where are you?                              

EDWARD:                              I’m here, help me James, there’s blood all over

                                       me, we ran over Martha and Henry.

JAMES:                              Edward stop, stop, stop stop.

                                       They must be injured, I hope we didn’t kill them.

EDWARD:                    James, I can’t hold on anymore,

                                       Louisa has fallen out onto the road,

                                       James I‘m falling……

JAMES:                              Hold tight, we going into the river……

EDWARD:                              Help me, I’m……..


JAMES:                              Where am I, what day is it?

                                       What time is it?

GIPSY WOMAN:          Calm down my dear, your in good hands now.                    

                                       It’s a beautiful summers morning. You were in the                              

                                       river my dear,


JAMES:                              Why was I in the river?

                                       Oh.. It hurts, I cant move.

GIPSY MAN:                    You just relax, we’ll carry you home and you can

                                       dry yourself by the fire. He’s passed out again.

GIPSY WOMAN:          Be careful carrying him, I think he has some

                                       broken bones.

                                       Put him down there by the fire.

JAMES:                              Where are you? My arms and legs hurt.

GIPSY WOMAN:          You take it easy, you’ve had a nasty fall.

JAMES:                              What am I doing here, who are you?

GIPSY WOMAN:          Don’t you remember, we found you by the river,

                                       We were looking for a fish, and you comes along.

JAMES:                              I’m really hurting, what am I doing here?

GIPSY WOMAN:          You just rest, try and get some sleep.

                                       By the way, what’s your name?

JAMES:                              My name…. I can’t remember.

GIPSY MAN:                    Shut up woman, leave him be to rest!

JAMES:                              Where is this, are we near London?

GIPSY MAN:                    London? No were miles away from London, were

                                       near Bath in Somerset, but don’t you worry, we’ll

                                       look after you.

GIPSY WOMAN:          You took a nasty tumble somewhere, you’ve a

                                       broken arm and leg I shouldn‘t wonder. It looks like

                                       you have a temperature.

JAMES:                              Where am I?

GIPSY WOMAN:          Your in our little home, we live in the woods.

                                       You just try and get some sleep now.

JAMES:                              Who am I, what am I doing here?

GIPSY WOMAN:          We’ll sort that out after you have had a sleep.

JAMES:                              Why are you binding my arm and leg?

GIPSY MAN:                    You broke some bones, we’re binding them up to

                                       help them heal up. Now you must rest.

GIPSY WOMAN:          He’s passed out again. I’m worried about his

                                       temperature. He ought to see a doctor.

GIPSY MAN:                    We cant afford no doctor, not just at the minute.

                                       At least he’s alive, that’s more than the other four

                                       Up on the road.                    

GIPSY WOMAN:          I wonder if there’s a connection between any of

                                       Them, and the boy in the woods?

GIPSY MAN:                    That could have been his mother and father back

                                       up the road,  this chap was the guard on the                    

                                       crashed mail-coach. The old chap was the driver,

                                       the young woman must have been a passenger.

                                I reckon this young ones mother and father must have been trying to

                                       hold up the coach and it went strait over them.          

                                       The soldiers didn’t say what they are looking for.                                        

GIPSY WOMAN:          What did you tell soldiers?

GIPSY MAN:                    I only said the coach went flying past us and

                                       through the village.

GIPSY WOMAN:          Through the village, with the driver dead on the

                                       road, why did you say that?

GIPSY MAN:                    I didn’t want them looking in the river just yet.

                                       We have to get away from here now, don’t waste

                                       any more time.

GIPSY WOMAN:          They’ll see where the coach went through the

                                       hedge wont they?  Look, he’s stirring again.

                                       He’s sweating more now, and listen to his

                                       breathing, he’s got very weak.                    

GIPSY MAN:                    He’s not going to last long, the state he’s in.

JAMES:                              Where am I?

GIPSY WOMAN:          Your alright, your safe with us.

(Sound                              young child crying)

JAMES:                              Who’s child is that crying?

                                       I recognise that.

GIPSY WOMAN:          You won’t know him, he’s one of our brood.

JAMES:                              It sounds just like my boy Jack.

GIPSY WOMAN:          Your boy Jack, did you say?

JAMES:                              Jack, it’s my boys name. His mother is around

                                       here somewhere.

                                       I remember now, the coach crashed. Where’s

                                       Martha and Edward and Henry?

GIPSY MAN:                    Get some cloths, he’s bleeding bad from his back.

GIPSY WOMAN:          Let me just go and settle young Jack first.

GIPSY MAN:                    Come here quick, hurry up woman.

GIPSY WOMAN:          He’s gone, he’s dead.

GIPSY MAN:                    We’ll cover him up and leave him here. We have

                                       to go before the soldiers come this way.

GIPSY WOMAN:          Where we going to?

GIPSY MAN:                    Better make our way to London.          

GIPSY WOMAN:          Shall I make some pegs along the way, to sell?

GIPSY MAN:                    No need for that my dear. You and me don’t work

                                       anymore, remember?

GIPSY WOMAN:          Do you remember when we first got married, we

                                       used to dream about sending our boys to an

                                       Oxford when we were rich?

GIPSY MAN:                    You and your la de da ideas woman, do you think

                                       I’m made of gold bars?

BOTH:                              Ha ha ha.

SOLDIER:                              Stop!

                                       We have to search your caravan, is there anything

                                       you wish to tell us before we start?                    .

                                                 The End.

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