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by MissyD
Rated: E · Sample · Women's · #1911589
He's back is the starting point of a book in progress, a story waiting to be told.
Snuggled in her bed, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes, as the warm soy milk that she sipped healed her soul. She was home at last. Peace and joy wrapped their arms around her as she sat still in the moment. She was grateful. The nightmare was over, so she thought. The whirlwind of his negative energy continued to threaten her safe, peaceful world.
She knew she was flirting with Satan when she asked him for help. Despair pushed her right back into his arms. He rescued her, once again. At first, she felt safe and loved. The comfort of his arms was too familiar. She nestled in, waiting for life to fall into place. She hoped he had changed. She hoped that God brought him back into her life for a reason. She hoped that his love was God's love showering her, fulfilling her dreams at last. She knew better. The cycle started all over again, the same way it began many years ago. The price of his love is more than she can handle. He was more violent than ever. Disappointment and fear hit her like a brick in the face as reality set in ......

To be continued .....

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