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Another fanfic. Super short. Had no where to go with it. Let me know if I should continue!
The first night back at Hogwarts and I am laying in bed, curled up under my blankets, not feeling well. I sit up in my black fuzzy pajama pants and tank top, reaching for my water bottle. I take a sip and then slide out of bed, my bare feet touching the cold stone. My feet retract quickly, shivering while my hand searches for my boot slippers. I grab my robe as well and slowly slide out of my room.

“Lumos,” I whisper softly as I step out into the corridor outside of the common room, I quickly look around and then hide the light before running quietly through the halls towards his office.

Reaching the door I knock on it in the special way that he taught me. I hear some rustling of papers and then quick footsteps, the door opened just a crack as his hand wraps around my waist, pulling me into the room. I smile weakly as the door shuts.

“Hello professor.”

“Hello Ms. Riddle, out of bed after hours? Why?” Severus Snape asks me in a quiet whisper.

“I don’t feel well and I’ve missed you, missed your arms around me,” I whispered softly, taking his hand quietly.

He simply nods and leads me to his bed, pulling the blankets up for me to climb in. I do so quickly, sliding my boots and robes off and curling up under the blankets as he goes around the other side of the bed. I feel his warm body sliding into bed, pressing against mine.

“Severus?” I whisper softly.

“Yes Alexis?” His hand slowly taking mine and kissing it gently.

“I’m so cold,” I whisper softly, feeling him instantly wrap his arms around my shivering body, holding me close. I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years since he first asked me to stay after class, telling me he had feelings for me and that my father had forced him into marrying me. However, since then, he and I really have fallen in love. This is where our story begins, this night. When Severus finally realized that he truly loves me. And so you know, there is a happy ending. He still loves me, and I love him.
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