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Pansy and Snape Fanfic, still uncompleted. Started forever ago!
The water surrounded her, dragging her under the surface, the current roaring and raging as it pulled her farther under. Her body being pulled under rapidly, her life slipping away, slowly, painfully, she blacked out finally, not remembering being pulled from the water.

Severus had been walking along the lake, he heard a splash but figured it was just a mer-person. It had been a stressful day, another day filled with students picking on him and disrespecting him. He knew he was supposed to be looking for students but he knew no student would dare to be caught out this late after hours. He looked around and saw the frantic splashing in the water.

The current was strong this time of year but he quickly thought of a spell to use, bubble head charm would do nicely, he took a breath and put the spell on and then dove in, praying it wasn’t a student, but his mind screamed when he saw that it was not only a student, but a Slytherin.

He quickly swam towards the body, grabbing it, not taking the time to look who it was, he sped up towards land, using an accelerating charm. He coughed a bit as the spell broke, leaving him to breathe air, he laid the body down in the soft grass and gasped at Pansy’s body. He quickly picked her up again and ran to the hospital wing, praying the whole way there even though he wasn’t a really big fan of religion.

Madame Pomfrey worked on her quickly, Severus held her hand the whole time, still hoping she would be okay, watching intently, helping with what he could. Finally she stirred, Madame Pomfrey helped her to sit up slowly, resting her against pillows that were now behind her back.

“Pansy?” Severus asked softly, still holding her hand, squeezing it gently.

“Professor? What happened?” Pansy asks, fear crossing her face quickly before she masks it.

“It’s alright to be scared, I don’t know exactly what happened before I got there but I found you in the water, blacked out and barely breathing. Do you remember how you got into the water?” Severus asked softly, concern in his eyes.

Suddenly she remembered everything, how she and Draco had been walking and then he had taken advantage of her, ripping her clothes off and forcing himself into her, taking her in every way, especially since she was a virgin, emphasis on was. She remembered running away from him with the last of her strength, but he chased her and slapped her. She begged him to stop but he shoved her and she fell into the lake, the last thing she remembered was him running away right before she was swept under by the current.

Back in reality she moved her leg to see if it was a dream, but the pain was excruciating so she knew it wasn’t a dream, she really wasn’t a virgin anymore. Her face slowly started to break down, tears springing to her eyes as she recounted the story for Professor Snape.

As she finished repeating the story to Professor Snape he just looked at her, his mouth hanging open a bit and his hand finding hers, grabbing it and squeezing tightly before he sat down on the bed with her, pulling her into a gentle hug, not wanting to move her the wrong way so she was in pain.

She gently cuddles up to him, just liking the feeling of someone being there, holding her, suddenly realizing that she kinda likes him.... She has for years but refused to admit it to himself. Feeling his arms wrap around her, she suddenly feels safe.
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