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Talking points to the NRA.

        1.)  When speaking with gun enthusiast be sure they are unarmed.

        2.)  Your Canadian.. American's worship cowboys.
              Talk about the Canadian Mounties ~ Canadian cowboys.

        3.)  Look out for snipers.

        4.)  Look out for loners with body armor.

        5.)  Q&A on what kinds of weapons a civilian can own.

                  A hand gun or a bazooka?

                  Should a heavily armed civilian militia exist?

                  If so, is an Islamic gun club okay?

        6.)  Discuss the probability of a popular uprising overthrowing
              the United States military, i.e.,

                  Assault rifles versus missals and tanks.

                  If the NRA is encouraging an armed revolt is that terrorism?

        7.)  Ask Obama if you can borough his armored limo.

        Good luck Jim.
        Smile a lot.

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