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Megan and Jennifer do some sight seeing in France and get a surprise.
Megan dreamed of Miles that night. She was glad that Rachael was going to a convent. When Megan woke up, she heard Rachael complaining that she didn't want to leave.

"I don't want to stay at the convent. It is Megan's fault. She doesn't love Miles. She is in love with a gypsy man!"

"Finish packaging your clothes. You broke up two marriages and was kicked out of boarding school. You will only be at the convent a year. Maybe you will be a respectable lady when you come back. Megan and Miles love each other. You don't even know the meaning of the word. " Caroline knew that this was the best decision for her daughter. She loved her but Rachael was an embarrassment to her.

Rachael was crying and threw her baggage down the stairs. "Stop that behavior right now! Go pick up your belongings now!" Caroline was fit to be tied.

Rachael went downstairs and picked up her belongings. It was quiet now. Megan decided to stay in her room until Rachael left. Jennifer came over to visit Megan.

Jennifer knocked on the door. "Come in." Megan hoped it wasn't Rachael.

Jennifer came in. "Looks like Rachael is leaving today."

"I heard. I am staying here in my room until she leaves. In a way, I feel bad. If she had Miles, she would tire of him. She is a troubled young woman."

"I agree. I am going to go downstairs and I will let you know when the coast is clear."

"Thanks. I will be here."

Jennifer went downstairs and Rachael was eating bacon and eggs. She gave Jennifer a dirty look. Bradley pulled out a chair for Jennifer and kissed her cheek.

"I am going with father to take Rachael to her new living quarters."

"It is a prison I am going to! Thanks to you and Miles for bringing those American tramps here. They are trouble!"

"That will be enough, Rachael! You made your own problems and you are getting what you deserve!" Bradley was so mad at his sister.

Rachael left the table crying. She almost ran into Miles. She went to cry in his arms but Miles gently pushed her away. "Someday, you will be happy. I am sorry, Rachael." Miles walked away.

Rachael ran to her room. Ginger bought Miles a plate of food. Miles thanked her.

"Where's Megan?" Miles asked.

"She is in her room. She said she will stay there until Rachael leaves."

"I will eat some breakfast and I will take her a plate."

Mr. Kentsworth asked Bradley if he was ready to leave. Bradley kissed Jennifer and told her that he would see her later.

Caroline came downstairs with Rachael behind her crying. "This is so unfair! I will die at the convent!"

"Rachael, it will just be for a year. You won't die. Your father and I love you but you have got to act like a respectable young woman and the Nuns will help you with that." Caroline hugged her daughter. "We will write you and visit."

Mr. Kentsworth kissed his wife. "We will be back tonight. Come Rachael." Bradley, Mr. Kentsworth and a crying Rachael went out the door. It was quiet a few minutes later.

"Jennifer, tell Megan that you, me and her are going to the wax musueum today." Caroline dubbed her eyes with her handkerchief.

Miles put a plate of food up to Megan. He walked into her room and kissed her cheek. "Rachael just left."

"I can't say that I am sorry."

Megan ate her breakfast. "Caroline is taking you and Jennifer to the wax museum today."

"Will you be going?"

"No. I have a business meeting today."

"What about Bradley?"

"He and his father are taking Rachael to the convent."

"I dreamed of you last night. I love you very much."

"I love you very much, too."

Megan finished her breakfast. Miles kissed her and told her that he would see her later and he left. Megan put on a lavender dress with a tie on sash and pearls. Jennifer was wearing a blue dress with lace. She and Megan walked out of their rooms at the same time.

"I take it Miles told you Caroline is taking us to the wax museum."

"He told me. Wax museums are spooky."

"I know. We will have fun, anyway."

Megan and Jennifer walked downstairs and Caroline was wearing a pink dress with lace and pearls. She smiled. Too bad Rachael wasn't more like her mother.

"You ladies look lovely. Megan, I am so sorry about Rachael's behavior."

"I hope she will be happy and the convent will help her. I hope she finds the right man someday." Megan smiled. She meant what she said.

Caroline smiled. "Ladies, we are going to have a good day. The carriage is ready."

Caroline, Megan and Jennifer got into the carriage with the help of their footman Nathan. He was middle aged with no hair and a beard. He never smiled. He looked like a bald monkey Megan thought.

The carriage took off and it was a nice day. It was sunny. France was so rich compared to England but Megan loved England. She didn't want to live in France.

"I hear you liked Marie Antoinette and Joan Of Arc." Caroline fanned herself with her fan.

"I admire them, Caroline. It was sad how their lives ended." Megan put on her gloves. Jennifer felt like she had a wedgie in her pantaloons and was squirming. Megan tried not to laugh.

"Shut up. I am in misery here." Jennifer whispered. Caroline pretended not to hear. She thought Jennifer had ants in her pants.

It was a short ride to the wax museum. The carriage stopped. The driver helped the ladies out. Jennifer adjusted her dress. The wind blew up her dress and she adjusted herself. Caroline was ahead and didn't see what happened. A man made cat calls. Megan laughed. Jennifer swatted Megan's hand. They entered the wax museum.

It had red carpeting and there were windows with the sun shuning in but it looked dark and gothic. There were creepy pictures on the wall. Megan liked the supernatural and Dracula but this was way beyond spooky. The ceilings were high and the walls were gray and candles lit the way.This was spooky.

"This way, Ladies." Caroline lead the way.

They went past a wax figure of Napoleon. He had his hand in his shirt. Caroline stopped to talk to an elderly man.

"Look it's Napoleon. Have you heard the joke:" I don't care if you are Napoleon, get your hands out of my blouse!" Megan loved this joke. Jennifer laughed.

"He could have helped me with my pantaloons wedgie earlier!" Jennifer laughed some more.

"He was ugly. I was never impressed with him."

"Me, either." Jennifer laughed.

The next display was of Marie Antoinette. She looked so real.

"She was beautiful." Megan couldn't help looking at her.

"Let's hope this isn't a display of her cut off head!"

"I agree!" Megan looked at the next display and screamed. Sure enough! Marie's cut off head and a guillotine!

"Let's go on to another display." Jennifer laughed. "Hey, Megan don't loose your head over this."

The next display was of Joan Of Arc. Joan looked like a Medieval soldier. There was another one of her being burned alive at the stake.

"Poor Joan." Megan had the chills.

"This place is dreary. Where is Caroline?" Jennifer looked around. Caroline was now talking to a woman.

Megan and Jennifer walked on to a dark hallway. Could this place be any scarier? The walls were painted green and looked like they were glowing.

Next was wax gypsy figures. There was a caravan wagon, two men dressed in red striped pants and gold and purple shirts, a woman in seven layers of different colors holding a tambourine and two more men that looked like Manolito and Calin and a wolf.

"What the hell? They looked like Manolito and Calin! That wolf looked like Manolito's father! " Jennifer exclaimed.

Just then the wax figures that looked like Manolito and Calin jumped down beside them and the wolf did, to and howled. Megan and Jennifer screamed. It was really like Manolito and Calin! The wolf was Manolito's father and he licked Megan's face.

Calin grabbed Jennifer and put his hand over her mouth and Manolito did the same to Megan. They put the women in the caravan wagon and the men went inside, too and they shut the door. The women thought they were being kidnapped and the wolf growled at Caroline and the other visitors at the museum. This was a nightmare!

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