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What the foxes at Fox News wont tell you.
      43 percent of the population in the United States is underemployed.
  That means 43 percent of the population is a drain on the economy.
  A population problem of over density around cities
  has lead folks at Fox News to believe that there isn't enough
  resources or tax dollars to support this surplus population.
  The Malthusian argument for less government assistance has been
  promoted by Fox News pundits. England redistributed the Irish population
  to a prison colony on the Australian continent and stripped Ireland of its
  natural resources. "They are going. Soon and Irishman on the coast of
  Kerry will be only a memory." Winston Churchill remarked on the Irish famine.
  Today global conflicts are threatening the survival of all life on the
  planet. This is a critical social problem.
  People congregate around urban areas for infrastructure such as healthcare
  and exhaust the water supply as well as generate vast power
  drains and massive sewage and chemical waste. A relocation program
  could relieve the smog choked municipalities.


  Fox News heralds the vast relocation of welfare recipients to the tundra of
  Canada may be appealing. Canada has universal health care.
  Privatized work camps could be built in remote locations on the tundra:
  a debtors prison with a corporate rehabilitation program thru Visa or
  Master Card. Many police departments and prisons have been privatized.
  Fox News would champion these practical moves, saving tax dollars spent on
  useless socialism. A rapid depopulation of impoverished districts, would reduce the
  welfare deficit.
  It is a natural outcome of a capitalistic society to place a price on everything.
  Slavery will be called endured servitude. Everyone, will have a credit value
  that will begin with their serial number on their birth certificate. If your credit is cut off
  you will become an endured servant. Slaves are property and can be disposed of.
  This is the brave new world Fox News does not want you to see.. yet.


    It is the inevitable outcome of a materialistic society to own their citizens.
    Even the Vatican has vast wealth. The Vatican bank has billions, but none
    of it for the poor.
    Instead they promise them eternal happiness after death.
    There is charity, but it comes from private donors not the Vatican bank.

    The U.S civil emergency program provides evacuation routes out the cities.
    You can follow the signs along the highway. They will lead you to
    an emergency shelter or camp.  But, will you be able to leave in an emergency?
    In a state of emergency marshal law is imposed .. That means you must
    obey the curfew.. You are not a free to leave . You must do what the military says,
    which is essentially a police state or concentration camp.
    Listen closely how the Fox News reports on union strikes and social unrest.
    The reporting is negative. They speak of unrestricted markets as the only
    way to free society. Free to do what?

    Corporate America buys our Senators, Congressmen and Presidents.
    There is an industrial military complex that perpetuates war for profit.
    There are gun manufactures that want the people divided by fear.
    What would have become the Occupy Wall Street protesters if they
    had used assault rifles?  A civil war would lead to marshal law.
    Political prisoners of Tiananmen Square work in slaver labor camps
    in China. A similar fate would be in store for any armed uprising in
    the U.S.A.
    Court houses built inside prisons send a steady line of criminals
    to work for private companies in privately owned prisons in Detroit.
    Why should a business want less crime when they can
    put criminals to work at slave labor? The crime rate rises when there are no jobs.
    Where are the factory jobs?  The manufactures knew what would
    happen if they moved their factories to Mexico and Brazil.
    They want to break the American workforce and create a slave market in the
    Penal System. Just as the Robber Barons of the early 19th century wanted
    cheap labor and exploited child labor; we are property in the free mark up of
    corporate greed.

    That is the future for the working class in the Fox New World Order.


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