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Are you insane or demonically posessed?

      What is demonic possession?

      Linsay Lohan is a sucessfull actress, but addicted to alcohol and other vices.
      Could she be possessed of a demon?  Perhaps.
      The world Demos, means knowledge giver. Some believe we learn more from suffering,
      than pleasure.+
      But, in the major religions of the world there is the Devil or Jinn.
      These are malicious creatures; that are not human and possess people for cruel sadistic pleasure.
      It's possible that Linsay Lohan has picked up one of these Demons, like a venerial desease.

      Exorcism vary from prayer encounters to group beatings on the possessed individual.
      In Indonesia a possessed person is tied up naked and beaten with a switch until they recant the evil inside them.
      Perhaps this would cure Linsay Lohan of her addictions.
      She was Catholic.  The Catholic Rite of Exorcism involves repeating the power of Jesus Christ over the possessed,
      while blessing them with Holy Water. The Holy Water is salt water.
      This is efective on true believers.  I'm not certain Linsay is a true believer.
      I hope she doesn't end up like Amy Winehouse.

      If this is a supernatural demonic possession, she must resist it with prayer.
      Most people, howevere, who are possessed don't want to resist the pleasure of an incubus.
      Just take a look at Marilyn Manson.  He's having a lot of fun as a Satanist.
      That is the attraction of debauchery.  It's fun, until you get sick or arrested.
      The battle is entirely up to Linsay until she gets adjudicated for her own safty.

      Just my two cents.. .


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