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What is the greatest downfall of modern society?
The greatest downfall of modern society is medical, even with the new health care systems there are still people who fall between the cracks because they are homeless or do not have a study income. The places these people can apply for health care require paperwork that sometimes the people do no possess. Once these people are accepted at a medical center, then they wait for hours to see a doctor for only five or ten minutes and sometimes their medical issues take longer then that to resolve.

There is Medicaid which is in the process of being cut at this time. These means fewer people will be accepted into this system, so what to the people do who have a choice between eating and medical services. Then there is Medicare, which may be the only medical insurance some senior citizens have. There are threats to cut the Medicare, what happens if Medicare is cut or the co-pays are raised. Many senior citizens are living from hand to mouth without anything to fall back on if their co-pays are increased. True, sometimes a senior citizen can get help with the co-pay, but not always. In addition, to the co-pays there are the prescriptions, some of which cost hundreds of dollars. I know for a fact, that many seniors skip purchasing prescriptions because they are too expensive or skip a dose of medication to make the prescription last longer.

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