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The most annoying person I know.
Have you ever gone anyplace for a nice evening out only to regret it because the one annoying person in that club happens to be there as well? Well I have and it isn't fun!

My male companion and myself went out to a local organization that we both belong to for an evening of enjoyment and to show support for the band playing. My companion had been a member of this band but quit because he didn't like the way it was run.

This night the one member of the club who thinks he is a walking comedian was there. Actually, he is extremely annoying! While we were sitting at the bar enjoying our drinks, he came up and started on another member who happened to be there ordering some drinks for himself and his companion. The man he accosted wears a jacket all the time, that is just the way he dresses, so annoying Person came up and said something about it, thinking his statement was funny. It wasn't! In fact, I thought for a moment there might be a fight! Luckily, it didn't happen! but the annoying Person got the message and left the bar, not the club, just the bar area.

He confronted my companion several months ago when we were at another place showing support for this band. This band has a routine that the perform at the end of every show, where they play a number of patriotic songs. Well my companion didn't get up and participate, so Annoying Person jumped him about it making it sound like my companion was not patriotic. Everyone has their own way of showing patriatisim, and the way this band does it doesn't fit my companions way of thinking. Which is fine with me. That was another night when Annoying Person almost got his come-upance. Had he continued the path he was following, he would have been on his butt!

I would not have been happy about my companion knocking this guy for a loop, but he did deserve it! and apparantly he hasn't learned his lesson yet. He still thinks he is funny, when he isn't.
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