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What a cat might think when stuck in a tree. My first attempt at light comedy.
Squirrel: (Taunting Cat) You can't get me! Na, Na, Na-Na! (Think little kid acting out!) I can run really, really fast and climb trees better! Na, Na, Na-Na!

Cat: (More to self than Squirrel) Think stealthy! Yes hide! Camoflage! Stealthy! I think I can! I think I can! Yes! I can get that Squirrel! It won't get away from me this time!

Cat: Stealthy! Just a little closer! (Cat creeps towards Squirrel.)

Cat: Oh oh! Squirrel spotted me! Must run! Run! Run! Run! Outta breath! (Cat pants.)

Squirrel: Na, Na Na-Na! I beat you! You can't get me now! Na, Na, Na-Na!

Cat: I'll show you Squirrel! (Cat stands at base of tree and scratches as high as possible letting Squirrel know that this is Cat's territory.) Next time! You're mine!

A few hours later, Squirrel is back on the ground and Cat spots it.

Cat: Good Squirrel! Now you're mine! Ha, Ha! (Evil laugh under the breath so Squirrel can't hear Cat.) Come here Squirrel! Closer! Closer! NOW!! Run! Run! Run!

This time Cat follows Squirrel up the tree. Cat is about 10 - 12 feet above ground when he stops climbing.

Cat: Don't look down! Don't look down! Oh man am I in trouble now! That is a long way down! Where is that Squirrel? (Squirrel is in another tree about 15 feet above the ground laughing at Cat. This only makes Cat madder.)

Cat: Where is my Human? (Cat crys out.) Help me! I can't get down! No! Don't touch me! (Cat has all claws out clinging to the tree for dear life.) Darn that Squirrel! I'm going to get it next time I was so close!

Cat finally makes it to the ground but it took Cat several hours and a number of tries, but Cat finally got to the ground. Squirrel was laughing at Cat all the time.

A few days later Cat spied Squirrel again, this time Cat caught Squirrel and taught it a lesson.
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