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Love is in the Air
Word Count 773

A small bell tingled when Sul’hupkaar opened the door and stepped into a dark dusty shop. Very little light made it through the dirt windows and the trinkets on display hid the true ability of the shop’s owner.
                   The dark elf’s shadowed figure floated across the small shop, ignoring the semi-precious pendants, pins and other bits and pieces of jewelry. Made, in all likelihood, by the shop owner’s apprentice. The young apprentice was standing behind the counter speaking with a man and woman, a thin necklace on the counter between them.
                   “Get your master,” Sul’hupkaar said, interrupting their conversation without preamble. “Now,” he said when all the looked at him with blank faces. He ignored the annoyed stares and made for the far end of the counter.
                   The apprentice excused himself, none of them wanting to draw the ire of the snarling dark figure, and ran to the back. Sul’hupkaar heard some startled rumbling in the back and the old shop owner appeared in the door way. He ran a rag over his hands and muscle in his forearms rolled. “Master Sul’hupkaar,” the man said with a short bow. “I have it ready for you. One moment.”
                   Sul’hupkaar sighed heavily in impatience as the man retreated to the rear of his shop. The jeweler had uncommon skill, especially for a human. Nothing less than flawless would do for the rings purpose.
                   The man was back and handed him a carefully folded cloth of embroidered silk. Sul”hupkaar opened the folds and held up the ring inside. It had taken the man several times to finish it properly, but the ring was no flawless. Deep purple and ebony glinted dully and the light green polished jade shone with luster. He placed it back in the cloth and refolded it carefully then looked back at the jeweler.
                   While just a man, he knew his trade and place well. He stood patiently as Sul’hupkaar inspected the ring and placed it in a pocket within his cloak. He handed the man enough gold for twice the asking price. He hated rewarding the incompetence of having had to have it redone twice, but the final result was a ring of extraordinarily quality. The man would remember the generosity and pay more attention next time.
                   Without waiting to hear the stammering thanks, Sul’hupkaar left the shop and headed back for the Assassin’s Guild. He knew the first time he saw Loi”moolidor they would be together. Being the only other dark elf in the guild at the time, they often trained together, no human a match for either of them. They traded blows with equal ferocity that eventually turned to a passion no man could understand. Their energy was the same and mingled through each other with a lover’s touch. When she entered a room, he felt her flow through it; the spark in him dimming when she left. Their life force was meant to become one, it was a bond only their kind could see. When joined, their lives would belong to the other.
                   He found her in the weapons room training with a gleaming straight sword. See would have looked a black blur to anyone watching, but he. Sul’hupkaar saw every twirl, flick and nuance that made her a deadly adversary. Her face was calm, the delicate features relaxed has her lips were turned in a cruel smile. He watched her hips twitched and her leg was flung high into the air as she spun with a kick.
                   He walked up behind her on steps of air, watching her bare shoulders flex and relax with each motion. He was nearly on her when she turned in an instant and looked down her sword at him, the tip a fingers width away from opening his throat.
                   Her smile spoke of contempt and love. “Not today darling.”
                   Sweat gleamed off her black skin, giving her an alluring aura. Without stepping away from her blade, Sul’hupkaar raised the hand holding the folded cloth. Sul’hupkaar raised his chin arrogantly as the sword tip quiver slightly, realization of what was in his hand coming across Loi’moolidor’s face.
                   She returned the same arrogant sneer as she lowered the sword. “If that’s some mere trinket, you won’t have to worry about fathering children.” She already knew it wouldn’t be and took the folded silk without looking inside. Sul’hupkaar didn’t buy her gifts, she knew what this was. She stepped into him and wrapped and arm around his next.
                   Sul’hupkaar took her into his arms, felt her warm lips on his as he began to tingle from their shared energy. It was all the answer he needed.
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