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Something I had to write to join College, which meant a lot to me.
My Idol.

When most people talk about whom they admire most, it's usually a person whom they hold in false regard, and most commonly someone in the public eye. Someone whose admiration is unjustified, without reason.

Then again, each to their own, but to me it means something entirely different. Of course, I admire people in books, who have turned their life around, or maybe rose to fame, or even someone whom I'd read about in an article and thought 'hey, that's really something.' But no, to gain the title of my idol, much more is needed.

The person who I admire most in the world is my Sister, Rebecca. Not without a million reasons either. I could go on to say how amazing she is. She is someone whom at the age of 12 took on the role of second mother. That isn't to say my mother wasn't around. My Mother is also an amazing woman, but without my sister, I wouldn't be the person I am today, and to that, I owe her my life.

She is so strong, yet careful, a paradox in itself, but to watch it be presented in day to day life with such grace is amazing. She would never not offer someone help when they needed it. She is incredibly organised, and neat, and my God, is she beautiful.

When I was younger I used to watch for hours as she got ready for the day, putting on her make up, brushing her hair, very envious. In my young mind I was appalled why I couldn't look like that, why I was clumsy, messy and plain. I couldn't believe my luck, how to have such a pretty sister, and myself be the complete opposite,

Although that was before, and I grew up instead of feeling jealous but blessed, to have someone so incredible helping me get through life.

In the end, I could go on for days about my sister's admirable qualities (or her faults, since she is only human) but I won't.

My sister Rebecca is my Idol because simply, I couldn't imagine a better person, and to me, that is enough. :)
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