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what will happen when Celene moves in with her mum in NYC and meets the guy of her dreams.
I stare up at the mysterious boy sitting across from me. The train comes to a stop and someone gets up. Mystery boy has golden hair that falls just above his shoulders in curls, his eyes are as golden as his hair, his pupils seem to be swishing gently like some sort of liquid. He wears jeans and a tight black top that hugs to his chest so you can see his massive abs, and over his normal clothes he wears a black robe with a hood.
"What, is there something wrong with my hair?" He asks as he catches me staring.
"Oh no, your hair is perfect." I say blushing. A smile tugs at the corner of his lips.
"I'm Dylan hearts. You are?" He asks after he puts his hand out for me to shake.
"I'm Selene. Selene Abigail." An electric shock comes through my hand when I take his to shake. We sit there in our seats for a minute in awkward silence until I open my lap top and start surfing the net. I check my Emails again and find one from: WG.


Belial? What the hell is that? Who the hell is that? Then something clicks in my brain and I remember a book I once read. Belial. He is supposed to be a demon. The chief of all the devils. He's supposed to...
"What are you reading?" Asks Dylan. Oh nothing important just about this demon Belial... as if.
"Nothing interesting. Ummm, have you ever heard of the demon Belial?" I ask him. I then give myself a mental slap in the face. Of course the really hot guy hasn't heard of a freaking demon named Belial!
"Actually yeah.He is the king of demons and devils. He's hell bent on destroying the world. Or that's what they say anyway." Wow, maybe the really hot guy has heard of him. Weird.
The train pulls to another stop. I guess this is my stop.
"Well this is my stop." says Dylan.
"Me too. I'm moving in with my mom." I tell him.
" Yeah I live around here. What street are you on?" he asks.
"Franklin street."
"I live around the corner with a couple of friends. Stop by any time. Here's my number." he says as he gives me his number. Wow, today must be my lucky day.
"And here's mine." I say. I grab his arm and write my number on it before we go our separate ways.
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