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"Of all the gin joints ..." A Daily Flash HM
The Law of Attraction

The Cenote was a typical mining-town bar. Jackson inhaled deeply, the air fragrant with stale beer and smoke.

"What's good, Joe?"

The bartender, short, portly, and bald, looked up. "Juan."

"I said ..."

"Not 'what.' Juan. My name is Juan," he grinned, crooked brown teeth dancing behind heavy lips.

"O.K. Juan. Strong whiskey. This has been one of those days."

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in the universe ..."

Jackson swung his barstool around and finished the phrase. "... she had to walk into mine! Cass! Is that really you?"

Casablanca Jones, a tall redhead, walked across the room and pushed herself up against him. "If it's not, you're having one helluva hallucination," she laughed. "Buy a girl a drink?"

"Juan, make that two. What brings you to Proxima Centauri?"

"Last minute business." Cass picked up her drink and saluted Jackson before downing it.

"How long's it been?"

"On what world?" she laughed. "I can't keep track of time. Between stasis sleeps and FTL, I don't even have a clue as to how old I am."

Jackson threw back his whiskey. Reaching across, he took her hand. "You're right. It doesn't matter."

Cass looked at him. "Are you getting sentimental on me?"

"Nawww. Just thinking of all the might-have-beens."

Cass smiled.

A warning alert was buzzing. Jackson sat up, disoriented. It took a second before he remembered he was sitting in the darkened interior of a mining scout.

He saw the message light illuminated. Keying it, he read the alert. It was a short text from control informing him that Cass Jones had been killed in an accident.

"Was it just a dream?" he wondered out loud. He could still feel her presence and knew it was a final message, one delivered direct to his heart.

An entry for 01/18/14 round of "Daily Flash Fiction Challenge [13+]
Prompt: Write a story that includes the phrase: " This has been one of those days."

Word Limit: 300
Word Count: 300

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