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Contest entry: He is always there, watching her. What are his intentions?
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She had woken that morning with an ire that simmered in her veins. Lately, she had been angry a lot. This morning, however, she was beyond angry. He had come into her apartment while she was sleeping. If her senses hadn't told her upon waking, then his note definitely would have. The letter laying on her counter top was written on yellowed parchment paper. It read: “I hope I did not arouse you from sleep. You were sleeping quite peacefully. I will find you later.”

She felt the anger boiling again. How dare he sneak into her apartment? They were not on that intimate of terms! Her body felt flushed with heat as she paced in her living room, ranting about idiotic, pig headed men. Right now she would love to get her hands on him.

The heat gathered around her, her anger a rolling boil that traced up and down her arms. That man would not sneak into her apartment again. She would hunt him down. She would make him yearn for the time when they had not known each other. He would pay.

Her anger had melted away her rational side. She was acting solely on her primal instincts, which demanded she fly after him. The man who had entered her sanctuary without permission. The man who said he knew what she was.

He had picked her up at a bar the month before. At the time, she had thought he was cute. He had dirty blond hair that was cut short. She had noticed his hazel eyes first. She could see the world in his eyes. They were beautiful and she could stare into them for hours.

He had offered to walk her home. She was just buzzed enough to agree and they had enjoyed a companionable silence while they walked down the busy street. They had stood in front of her apartment and he had said, “I know what you are.”

“What I am? I’m a 29 year old nurse. What are you?” she asked. Her words were slurring a little and she could have sworn the ground was rolling underneath her feet. She frowned down at the sidewalk and ordered it to stop.

"I'm your knight."

She scoffed as she looked up at his serious face. "Sure you are, buddy," she said with a lopsided grin.

"The time will come when you will need me. I will be ever at your side," he said before walking away.

Since that day, she had seen him everywhere she went. At first, she had thought it was coincidence. It was a small city, after all. Then it had frightened her. She didn't want to end up a cautionary tale for young ones. It put her emotions on edge. Her fear made her feel weak and so her fear had quickly turned into anger. A slow anger that simmered and boiled and felt like it would leap out of her skin. He made her so mad.

He had never been anything but gentlemanly towards her, nodding a greeting to her each time their eyes met. He never spoke to her again, however she could feel him watching. His incessant watching was driving her crazy with fury. Now he had come into her apartment to leave some dumb letter on her counter. What was that? Was it a perverted calling card just to let her know he'd invaded her privacy? Was it a ploy to get her to seek him out? Whatever his motives were, his plan was about to backfire on him. She would find him and then eat him. Wait, no. Not eat him. Where had that thought come from? She shook her head to clear her chaotic thoughts. She would not eat him, sane people didn't have thoughts like that. She would hunt him down and yell at him though.

She entertained herself with planning all the ways she could torment him. She could key his car (if he had one), order pizzas to be delivered at his house, call in noise complaints to the cops, cough on all of his door knobs, blow up his mailbox, burn down his house...she was losing it again. She tore down the street looking for him. Her steps picked up pace when she didn't see him right away. He must be somewhere, he was everywhere. She ran past parked cars, little subdivisions, and corner stores. She still didn't see him.

As she ran faster, her strides got longer, she was running faster than she had ever ran before. Her desire to find him and hurt him was driving her to faster and faster speeds. Her mind was filtering through all the things she could do to him when she found him. She would find him. She would make him feel the same torment that he had inflicted on her with his silent watchfulness. She felt almost maniacal in her pursuit of him. Her eyes were constantly roving about looking for him. Wind was blowing in her face, bringing smells of people, trees, and cars. She felt herself breathing deeply, not out of exhaustion, but to catch the scents in the air.

She finally found him, leaning against a building looking up at her. He smiled and said, "God, you're beautiful." She frowned at him in confusion. He wasn't supposed to say that. She felt a wave of confusion as her brain registered some facts that it had, until now, ignored. One, she was looking down at the world. Two, she felt different, smelled things more intensely, and it all felt so natural. Three (and this one was a doozy), tiny flames were dancing with her breaths. She reared back in surprise, wanting to escape the reality of what was happening. She could not be flying. She could not be blowing flames. What was she?

"It is okay, my Queen," a calm voice interrupted her panic. "I am here to guide you through your first transition. You are a dragon. The most beautiful, magnificent dragon I have ever seen. There is a whole world out there for you to discover. I will be ever by your side. I will let no one harm you. I am your knight." He spoke slowly, his eyes peering into her soul.

She let out a breath that she had been holding and felt all of her anger fade away. She slowly descended to the ground, landing in front of the man that made her feel so much. He was her knight; she must not eat him.

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