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by Igarin
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The theme last night on “Ink Master” was negative space. That is the skin between the dark lines that would make the tattoo come to life and give perspective. But there was a surprising turn of events, when Kyle stepped up and bumped Chris Nunez for this last week voicing that he, -Kyle-, should be going home for his disastrous tattoo. The pressure of the competition and his inability to be on top in the competition got to him and wound up being eliminated for his unprofessional attitude and lack of his respect for one of the judges.

On the Flash Challenge, the artists were to work in pairs, and create a portrait on a canvas making good use of negative space and using gunpowder. The artists were to work in pairs; however, due to Kyle’s early departure one artist would have to work alone. Halo for being on top last week got to decide the teams and he chose to work with Scott and have Sausage work alone. And the team to win the Flash Challenge was Halo and Scott’s that meant they would have the opportunity to assign the human canvases for the Elimination Tattoo.

They targeted Sausage by assigning him a tattoo the human canvas wanted placed on the stomach which was loose skin from loss of weight, making the surface unstable, thus, the tattoo not bound to turn out as anything worth showing. Sausage though, managed somehow to convince his canvas to place the tattoo on the chest and wound up turning out a tattoo that earned him the win.

Sausage in turn chose Lydia for elimination, who consistently has been at the bottom and the human canvases decided it should be Melissa, also Halo found himself at the bottom, and Dave Navarro pointed out that any one of them could justifiably go home, but it was Lydia who at the end was told to pack her kit and close shop.

“Ink Master” runs on Tuesday at 10 p.m. EDT on Spike.
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