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Written in response to a prompt re an unsuitable pet.
CROCODILE COMPANION?                                                                                                                                                                                              
         I can't imagine a crocodile as a pet                                                            
         With his sharp teeth, long tail, claws, and bulging biceps.                    
         The yellow-eyed stare doesn't seem very friendly.                                        
         Is it a smile or a leer meant to un-nerve me?                                                  
         Reading the expression on a crocodile's face                                                  
         Probably requires guessing, luck, and some grace.                                        
         He hasn't flexible brows nor radar-like ears                                                  
         To portray his feelings, expectations, or fears.                                        
         If we indulged in a swim, two friends cavorting,                                        
         Would I become the prey; struggling, gasping, snorting?                    
         Could we watch t.v. as pals sitting side by side;                                        
         Share a snack, maybe popcorn, both of us wide-eyed?                              
         I think a croc would prefer to stretch out and lounge.                              
         On a sofa I'd be left without space to scrounge.                                        
         Does he ever snuggle, crave touch, or being near?                                        
         There's no fur to fluff or scratching behind an ear.                                        
         I can't imagine he'd play tag or run around.                                                  
         A croc's built for water sports not scrambling on ground.                    
         My home is reached by a steep nineteen-step ascent.                              
         I'll try not to hoist him; risk a painful accident.                                        
         I like to explore, stroll, putter, leisurely walk.                                        
         Unlike a dog, a croc wouldn't follow and gawk.                                        
         I endure winter; freezing winds, snow, ice, and sleet.                              
         Picture a croc wrapped; hat, coat, scarf, boots on his feet.                    
         When I travel via car, train, bus, or airplane                                                  
         Where would a croc fit his bulk without fuss and strain?                    
         Would a croc need a licence worn on a collar?                                        
         Would it chafe his neck raw causing him to holler?                              
         Dog responsibility; stooping and scooping.                                                  
         I do not want to consider a croc pooping.                                                  
         I can't imagine a crocodile as a pet.                                                            
         I do not need company to that strange aspect.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
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