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A continuation of The Things short story
The Things 3

The groaning sounded close by. Odin and Leon quick turned around. Nothing. A louder groan came.
"It must be in the other room!" Leon exclaimed.
" I think we are safe in here, for now.." Odin said worriedly.
" We need weapons if we expect to get out of here alive" said Leon.
" There should be a pistol in the drawer of that desk" Odin said, pointing to the dry rotting desk.
Leon walked to it and pulled open the drawer. Sure enough there lay a pistol and 4 bullets.
" Damn, I sure hope this gets us out of here"
" Odin, look for anything else we might be able to use. If we can get downstairs then we can get outside to the car and get the hell out of this town." Leon now panicking.
" Sure thing brother, but I need to patch up this wound. I don't know how I survived that bite but I did." Odin grunted as he adjusted himself.
" Alright then, let's see what we can find. You stay here and I'll go into the bathroom." Leon ensured his brother he would be fine.

Odin gazed around the room. He saw his old documents scattered throughout the floor and dried mud marks. The lamp that was once on the desk was now knocked over and broken, glass shattered and pieces everywhere. The place looked like a tornado swept by. Odin couldn't believe what happened. The fact that his potion had taken him to an alternate dimension just didn't settle right. Now standing completely upright and ready to find a weapon, Odin crept over to the other corner of the room. There, layer a pitchfork. The only other thing useful in the room... Odin sighed and picked it up.
" I guess this will have to do" he said looking at the pitchfork nervously.

He now had his mindset on Leon. If it wasn't for him, Odin might of well been dead and trapped in that dimension forever. Leon stood by the door and put his ear up next to it.
" I don't hear that thing anymore" he whispered to his brother.
" Maybe it has gone?" Odin hoped.
" Just stay here and I'll check things out. I don't want you getting hurt again." said Leon.
Odin nodded and kept put, gripping the pitchfork. Leon pulled his ear away from the door and slowly reached his hand out towards the knob. Odin watched him carefully in hopes he wouldn't make any loud noises. Leon's hand reached the knob after what seemed like an eternity and twisted it. The door make a quick "click" noise and then a slow "eeeeiiirrrrrrr". Odin gasped. No groans. No shuffling. Leon opened the door all the way. He peared in to find nothing but black.
" Odin, I can't see anything" he said concerned.
" The light switch is to your left. Be careful." Odin said looking more concerned now.
Leon lifted his hand towards the darkness and felt the switch. I flipped it up and a bright light Beamed through the two rooms. The room looked like a library of sorts. Books every where. Tons of shelves filled with them. All sorts of books. History, fiction, literature, movies and even on dark magic. Cobwebs filled in the gaps of the walls and ceiling. Leon stepped further inside and saw the next door. Odin sat back and hoped the thing wasn't in the next room. Surely it would try to kill his brother. Leon walked to the next door, which was cracked open. He slid his fingers through and opened it. This time he did it rather quickly. Nothing. The hall way looked like it went on for miles. Only a small light appeared at the top. The light revealed a staircase to the left and another door to the right.
" Odin, I see the stairs!" he said excitedly.
" Good, now if we can safely get there." Odin remarked.
" I see another room as well, I wonder of there are any medical supplies." Leon wondered.
" Yes, there should be a first aid kit in there. That's the bathroom across from the stairs" said Odin.
" Right, I'll go and see what I can find." Leon said now walking down the hall.

Odin walked to the end of the room and watched his brother start down the hall. Leon crept slowly. With almost every step came a creek from the hard wood floors. Wincing at the sound, Leon came closer to the staircase. All of a sudden there came a loud groan. " Shit!" Leon yelled.
A thing came from out of the darkness. It's body torn into pieces, flesh hanging from its body like seaweed. Blood dripped from its mouth and it's eyes. Leon took a step back and raised his pistol. His hands shook and he fired. BLAM!!! The bullet grazed the side of the things face. Blood spurted from the wound. The thing was getting closer.
" Leon! Get the hell out of there, Now!" yelled Odin.
Leon went to run but tripped as he turned. He fell with a hard THUD!
" Damnit!" he screamed.
Odin ran as fast as he could to his brother. Screaming, he raised his pitchfork and plunged it into the things head. More screaming as the things head spewed with blood and it slumped to the floor.
" Leon, are you alright" Odin asked breathlessly.
" I think I'll make it. Thank you." he said
" Now, let's see what we can find in this bathroom." Leon said.

Leon opened the door while Odin stood guard by the staircase. Surprisingly no more things showed up. At least for now. Inside the bathroom was quite small. Just a toilet and sink and mirror cabinet. Opening the cabinet, Leon found a small first aid kit and some rubbing alcohol.

" I think this will do it brother. Let's get you cleaned up." Leon said as he brought his brother Odin in. He sat down on the toilet while Leon opened the kit. There was enough ointment and gauze to cover the wound. Leon grabbed the alcohol and went to pour it on Odin.
" This may hurt a bit." he said pouring it over him.
" Son of a bitch that stings like a mother." Odin said.
" Hurry up and put that ointment on and cover it."

Leon wrapped it up and told Odin he was finished.
" Let's get out of here please" Odin said frustrated.

The two left the bathroom and walked down the staircase. It was dark so walking slow was a must. At the end of the staircase was a dim light. It looked like it was coming from outside. Leon and Odin stopped at the bottom and looked around. Still nothing. No shuffling or groans this time. They walked toward the front door. The glass from the side showed little. Leon opened the front door.
" Okay, this is it. We get to the car and get the fuck out of this god forsaken place. You can explain everything to me when we get to my place." Leon said.
Odin just looked at his brother and sighed. Leon and Odin stepped outside to see houses on fire and things everywhere....

" Oh shit" Leon muttered

To be continued...
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