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He is bright eyes in the dark. He is my broken heart.
He is bright eyes in the dark. He is my broken heart.

My Fierce Protector

His dark fierce face keeps away those who would hurt me.
And I like it that way.

At first glance, he is frightening.
He is bright eyes in the dark,
piercing through them.
They are a golden warning of pain
against a midnight promise.

He is terror itself .
He is my protector,
he is my wall,
he is my broken heart.

I hide behind him when I should walk in front.
It is easier this way.
With him in my life,
I am never hurt.
I am never sad.
I am never again broken on the floor.

But there are times that I wonder if he is my salvation,
or just another block in my path.
Without him, I cannot feel the joy that may be in my future.
He has frightened it away.

To find it, I must leave him.
And he is very overprotective.
He is my addiction.

Do I leave what I know is safe.
I walk a few steps and he roars.
He frightens me too.
What have I become?

So I go back to his soft fur.
He is frightening I know.
But he is mine.
He is comfort.
He is my damaged heart.

Without him I may break.
So I cuddle his fur, and close my mind.
I bury in deeper knowing I have doomed myself
to anger, and loneliness.

He purrs in my ear that he can be everything I ever need.
And, sadly, I believe him.
I want to.

So, I watch my future walk away.

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