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Wrapped up warm in a comforter tight, To you and yours I hastily write.
One evening feeling none too spry,
Home from work, tired and dry,
A saucer descended from the sky,
And hovered there, I don't know why.

Frozen solid in full amaze,
I watched them fire beaming rays,
Brilliant as the light of 40 days,
Slowly shifting in and out of phase.

Focused upon our garbage bin,
Turned it silver glitter with lazy spin,
With the sound of a screaming violin
It disappeared, to my chagrin.

Then, at once, their beam did aim,
As if it's barking meant to tame,
My dog, Isaac, burst into flame,
That dog will never be the same.

What happened next, do you suppose?
Into the darkened sky they rose,
And like a sneeze from a peppered nose,
They transported away all my clothes!

I tried to hide my exposed parts,
I ran for cover in fits and starts,
What evil humor is in their hearts?
Their audaciousness is off the charts.

I, in the buff, naked as you please,
Crouched upon my hands and knees,
In the cold blue night's gentle breeze,
Hidden in the hedge, I began to freeze,

Suddenly, they shot into the night,
I entered my home at the speed of light,
Wrapped up warm in a comforter tight,
And to you and yours I hastily write.

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