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by Mac1
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A walk on Plymouth Bay - God Bless America !
Plymouth Bay

The other day , I was a boy,
every day, I longed to play.
My Daddy pleased me with joy,
when he took me to see, Plymouth bay.

We took a walk upon this beach,
a colony once founded by visionaries.
It is here they learned to teach,
As falterers quelled in the fog.

On this land they built a beacon,
a clan founded through freedom.
And this new light gleamed synergy,
as this clan stood for liberty.

And collectively they created,
a land that shined it's gallantry.
As endowed by our Creator,
to pursue life, happiness and Liberty.

And as yesteryear returns,
when heads control the masses.
Opportunities returned to hand shakers,
feebleness instilled on its peoples.

It will be our time to light this Beacon,
for we the people, stand for freedom.
Standing righteously together,
as the founders intended, forever.

I listened to my Dad that day,
I really did not know what to say.
But now that he has gone,
I see the day, he spoke of, to act on.

God blessed this land,
a beacon at his hand.
We must lift this veil of tyranny,
as pledged, this land of liberty.
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