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WDC & DWG mean much to me.
Oh, no; where's the air
I'm all stuffed up
Please, no cold to home here

A heavy blanket of fatigue
has suddenly and heavily
over come me

My eyes are heavy
ready ready to close
much work, yet I will dose

Body stiff and weary
with issues galore
I hope a cold isn't in store

Swallow vitamins for my defense
and oh no spasm grip
and I want to wince

WDC and DWG too
I certainly don't want
to be away from you

Get some tea and Oreganol
Hurry I don't want to be sick
this challenge go away quick

Spending time here
and with my plants
animals also my life advance

we are a family
we love and play
I want to be with them every day

Writing.com is the best
it is like a treasure chest
I will do my best

health and happiness
heavenly father and me
I'll stay healthy you'll see

We'll write together
to share out thoughts
Maybe writing bout astronauts

I'm still stuffy unfortunately
I should bed down
and get some sleep

I can't do this
when I know
I have to shovel snow

snow water is good
plants love it so
I'm glad to be shoveling snow

head resting on hand
eyes closed tight
in the middle of daylight

need to keep going
and care for the group
DWG bow wow and woof

We're family you know
They matter so
I'll continue to go

pages to fix
reviews a mix
skiing slopes quick

DWG resort and skiing
review page greeting
for packages readers meeting

raffle, and many things abound
won't you explore
and please stick around

together we will prosper
contests and prizes
to share even for Oscar

we're family by writing blood
family history events will flood
challenges don't sling mud

Write with might
for readers delight
I'm not quitting without a major fight
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