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Captain Jack is caught in a terrible storm at sea.
         All around him, the old wooden ship groaned and moaned. Once again, Captain Jack braced his feet on the heaving deck. He struggled to hold the slippery and straining wheel. Pelting rain made it difficult to see and the roaring of the angry wind made the shouts of his crew seem so distant. "We're circling the drain, Captain!"
         Jack had already ordered his desperate men to toss anything, not lashed down, overboard. They had all weathered their fair shares of adventures, but Jack agreed with his first mate's assessment; "The storm is getting worse." Reluctantly, he gave the final order to abandon ship.
         Resolutely, he clung to the wheel. Captain Jack knew the code of the sea; a captain must go down with his ship. Suddenly, over the howling, Jack heard a scream.
          Pushing dripping hair from his eyes, Captain Jack turned to see his mother. Advancing towards him with a towel , she asked, "What happened in here; a storm?" Surveying his bathroom with a slow smile, Jack could see the plastic blocks and Lego figures bobbing along the floor. "Yes," the captain replied, "it was the worse storm ever." (word count 192)
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