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by Ashle1
Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2050635
This isa story that will be finished step by step,so the chapter will be written gradually

This is a story about the four groups of the ancient indian-hunters that are joining the dark side. There are only 3 skilled hunters that were not hypnotized by the dark magic and it's evil forces.
But one day, a lonely kid who's age was 14 walked in the forests. His name was Harvell.
He was sitting under a tree and his nostalgic remembrances were returning in his mind. But suddenly, the melancholically relaxation was disturbed by a shout. He then ran to the place where he heard it from, and saw a troll attacking someone that was on the ground. This person had blue mark on his face, that were indicating that he was a hunter.
The boy took his hand crafted knife and climbed a tree. He then cut off a tick branch that fell on the troll, leaving him unconscious.
-Thanks kid! You gave me a helpful aid!- said him. My name is Kiyras.
-My name is Harvell.- then they heard some people shouting: "Kiyras! Kiyras, where are you?".
-I am here guys!
-Hey, friend, are you alright?-asked one of them.
-Yeah, I'm fine, don't worry mates!-they looked then to the kid.
-Who is he?-asked the single girl from their team.
-Oh, he is the kid who saved my life! Veyra, Averon, he is Harvell. Harevell, they are my fellow hunters, Veyra and Averon.
-Glad to meet you, said the two to the kid.
-So, how exactly saved this kid your life?-asked the one with a sword, Averon.
-Oh, that's an interesting thing, I will tell you! So...
He then told everything to his counterparts, and they were impressed. The tree hunters wanted to test the kid. So they did.
Averon took a small branch and threw it to Harvell with great reflexes. The boy responded with a quick move that included the unsheathing of his knife and cutting of the branch.
-Kid, we would be glad if we would have you in our team!
-It would be awesome!-he answered.

Part 1:

-So, we must first get you a bigger and more powerful weapon. You'll get this short sword for now, we must begin our quest right away!-Averon said.
-Okay, but what is the quest?
-We'll explain while we're heading to the Forest of Grimm Reaper.-Despite Harvell's impatience for adventure, he gulped in his fear, as he heard where are they heading to...

After half an hour Averon begun to explain their quest, and what are they going to do.
-There were four tribes of hunters: The Raysiyom, Ungnupap, Vaelics, and Arternnon. But there were many dark creatures too, that had a pure evil inside them, so they couldn't resist to try to convince the hunter tribes to join them. The bribe and the threatening was also a solution for them, to get the tribes to their forces. Firstly, the tribe of Raysiyom were joining the evil ones...later the Ungnupaps were hypnotized by the dark magic of the forces. And after a while, even The hunters of Arternnon were convinced to join the dark side. And... the Vaelics hadn't a better fate...We were the only ones of the Vaelic hunters who didn't join the dark side. We've got to stop them!
-But what will we do in the Forest of Grimm Reaper?
-Well, the scythe of the Reaper is the item that we can absorb the dark magic with, so if one of us gets corrupted, we can absorb the darkness with it.-Kiyras answered.

Veyra has sensed then a dark power nearby.
-They are here!-she said.
-Who?-Harvell asked. Who are here?
-The shadow beings!-Averon said, then he looked straight to the incoming creatures, to pay attention to every attack.
As they arrived, Harvell grabbed his sword and tried to slay one of them, but the sword got through the monster.
The creatures then pushed him back with a great force, causing Harvell to lose his mobility. He fell on the ground.
But Veyra used a light magic that destroyed some of the creatures. But that wasn't enough.
As Averon saw that Harvell got up, he told him:
-Kid, they can't be attacked phisicaly! They are shadows. Use your inner light!
-B-but how?-he asked, but he didn't manage to think on this much, because the other beings were approaching to get him. But, somehow, the light inside him, destroyed the creatures. He used the light, but he still didn't know how he did it.
-Well done, kid! Tell me, how did you do it. What was your first thought, when you saw them coming after you?
-I...I just wanted to get rid of them...
-Exactly! You wanted! This is the will. Your inner forces can be used with your will. If you truly wish it, you can use it. But if the wish isn't powerful enough, the light will not get to the surface.- The boy remained to think on this for a few moments, while the others went forward. After finishing to think on the just happened events and the just received knowledge, he caught the team up.

Part 2:

-So, exactly what is this forest like?-Harvell asked.
-It is a dark forest, where the Grimm Reaper is taking the soul of the creatures whenever he is hungry.-Averon told everything shortly.
-Oh...and...you don't fear it?
-No one said we have no fear.-Veyra said. But we have to get through this. We can't start all this without being prepared.
-But there's a thing I don't understand...why can't we just absorb the dark magic from the other hunters, just as we would do to each other?
-If you are corrupted, the darkness grows from time to time.-Averon continued. They're inner darkness is to large now, to be absorbed. So, if someone of us got's corrupted, we have to absorb the black magic immediately, and don't let it grow.-Harvell listened to every word of the fellow hunters, then he nodded, as a symbol of understanding.
Later, they reached the dark forest. As they entered, they just barely saw, so they had to use some light magic. They also heard howls of werewolves, grunts of vampires, whispers of shadows.
Steps could be heard, but no one could describe whose steps were. Only after they saw approaching a black cloaked, dark hooded person.
-Kid!-warned him Averon. We'll ask this one if he is the Grimm Reaper. If he answers "yes", then it is just a creature that tries to fool us. If it responses with a low move of his scythe, then it is the real Reaper. Understood?-Harvell noded.
They have finally met with the person. Averon said to it:
-Are you the cloaked one? Are you the Grimm Reaper?
-Yes, yes I am.-it answered with a harsh voice. Averon whispered to the team:"He is not him, let's go forward." But the cloaked person slashed once with it's scythe in the air and then three trees fell at once. Averon finally whispered:
-A shadow creature would not have such powers! It has to be the Reaper!
-But, you said...-Harvell whispered back.
-I know what I said, but...looks like he....changed somehow.
Kiyras firstly tried with the kind way, using soft and polite words:
-Your highness...Err...I mean your darkness, we have come here to borrow your scythe for a few days.
-And what would you need it for?
-We want to make a good thing with it...we...we want to save the other hunters and...-but he was interrupted by the Reaper's wrath.
-What?! You want to use it for good deeds?
"Well...it probably wasn't a good idea to say this..."was he thinking.
-You didn't let me finish...actually, we want to save the other hunters from the light, and...-but the Reaper knew that he was lying.
-Enough!! You are good beings! You want my scythe only for pure good purposes! But you have to know one thing...no one takes my scythe!-he became angry, and started to attack them with dark magic. He started a swordplay with Averon, it was a true battle between a great sword and an evil scythe. In the end the Reaper made a powerful strike that took down Averon, leaving him on the ground, without more energy to fight.
The Grimm Reaper then turned to Veyra. He landed a dark spell from his scythe and Veyra responded with a light spell. It worked for a while, but the darkness spell was growing very fast, and it left her powerless too. Then it had a fight with the archer, Kiyros, but it ended up just like with the others. He was on the ground, threatened by an incoming attack, that may left him even more wounded. But there was still someone, there was still a hope. Harvell was watching all the battles, trying to come up with an idea, to save his friends. Then he remembered his knife. He took it, and threw it to the Reaper. It hit the weapon of him, making him to drop it, leaving him disarmed.
Then Averon shouted to the boy:
-Kid, now is the chance, take the scythe!-Harvell hurried to take it, the Grimm Reaper landed a dark spell again, but he dodged it by rolling on the ground, till he reached the scythe. He took it and said to the Reaper determined:
-You'll be finished faster than you think!-the team got up from the ground, and joined to the boy, watching what will do the Reaper.
He took something in his hands, then throw it on the ground. It made a smoke cloud, what he disappeared in.
-Good job, Kid!-Averon felicitated him.
-Yes, you were quite amazing!-Kiyros continued with the praises.
-Well done, boy, now let's go forward.-Veyra finished the felicitations, and they went forward, starting they're true quest: to save the other hunters!

Part 3:

-The Raysiyoms were the first hunters, so I suggest to go there first.-Averon said, after which they started their journey.
They went and went, until they arrived to a river, that couldn't be passed.
-This river has no bridge, we can't pass it.-said Averon.
-We can still walk in the river, till we reach the other side. I mean, nothing will happen to us because of some water.-Harvell said.
-I don't know, this water looks strange somehow...-Veyra answered, while she put her hand in the water to check it.
But Harvell made a few steps in the river, to show the team that nothing's wrong with the water.
-See, nothing bad is happening. It is just normal wat...-but he stepped immediately out of the water as he saw that something is getting it's head out from the river. It was a sea serpent. It had a long neck, and had the size of a casual snake, but it still looked dangerous.
-No one passessss this river, unless I give the permission!-the serpent said.
-Oh yeah, we are not afraid of a little water snake!-Harvell responded.
-Kid, stop!-Averon warned him.
-He wont stop us from completing our quest, seriously! Show your true power, serpe...-but seeing that the boy didn't stop, Averon put his hand to his mouth, and then he got silence.
-I'm sorry, our teammate can be sometimes...impatient. So, tell us what do we have to do for getting your permission to pass this river.
-I want to see if you truly deserve to pass this river. You'll have to get that apple down for me!
-We have to get down an apple? That will be easy...-said Harvell.
-Don't be so sure, boy! This apple is located in the top of that tree behind you!-responded the snake.
The team looked to the tree, and they could saw the apple only if they looked in the skies, where the top of the tree was, while the sun got in their eyes. But they also saw griffins, flying around the higher branches of the tree.
-Alright, let's do this!-Kiyros said.
They climbed the tree until they reached the branches, where griffins were flying around. They tried in vain to climb forward, for the griffins were attacking them, every time they tried. So, they stopped on a branch, resting, and thinking on a plan.
-We don't have to be aggressive!-said Averon. We'll have to ride them. So, everyone, hope on a griffin's back!
The team listened to Averon, and each hunter jumped on a griffon.
But Harvell couldn't ride the griffin. Every time he tried to ride it, the griffin wasn't listening to him, and was only struggling and shouting to the boy. In the end, it was struggling so much, that the boy almost fell from it's back, so he couldn't do anything than stick his nails into the griffins body, and hold himself with his hands. But the griffin was shouting in his pain, and was struggling even more.
Then, Harvell tried to speak to it with his emotions, and his thoughts. He transmitted his fear the the griffin, and the thoughts that he didn't want to hurt it, but he wants only help from it. Then, the griffin understood. It stop struggling for a few moments, and waited for the boy to get on it's back. Then, the griffin also felt the kid's gratefulness.
-Well done, Harvell!-was the team felicitating him. And Averon separately told him:
-Good job, kid, this is what a hunter actually does:communicate with the nature's beings.
The boy was glad again because of his success and the praises he got from the rest of the team. Then, he told the griffin to fly to the top of the tree, along with the rest of the griffins, that had his fellows on their backs. They took the apple, and got back to the ground. The hunters then gave it to the serpent.
-Well, i sssee that you succeed...you have great skills! You could use your obstacles as your help. Well done! You may pass.
And then the serpent dived in the water, and disappeared. After, some stones appeared in the water, what they stepped on, and managed to pass the river.
The night was slowly arriving, the twilight already passed. The team stopped, and made a campfire. But they weren't stopping on some hard rocks, or some wastelands. Oh, no! They stopped on a place that had much grass, and much moss on the ground.
The grass was soft, and it was like a bed. The moss on some of the stones was so thick, that it could be used as a pillow.
But time passed, the night brought it's entire darkness on the lands, only the fire kept them warm and light. Almost the entire team was sleeping, only Veyra and Harvell were awake.
But Harvell was looking at the hot, crackling fire with tearful eyes.
-Hey, are you alright?-asked Veyra.
-Yes, yes I am...why shouldn't I be?-answered him, while he wiped his tears off, to hide his sorrow. But Veyra knew that something was wrong.
-Tell me, what happened?-the boy firstly didn't want to tell her, but in the end he told everything, despite that it was hard for him.
-It's just...my parents...they are...they are not here.
-Neither mine are here...
-No, I mean they are not here, on these lands...they passed away long ago.
-Oh...I understand... But, your sorrow may be cured a bit, if you talk about these problems of yours. Tell me, it is not a shame if you cry.
Then Harvell started to tell everything, with his tears already raced on his cheeks.
-I once had a walk in the forest. After i chilled out, I went home. But, when I was a few streets far from my home, i saw some smoke in the air. I run to the place where it came from, and I saw that my house was burning. I...I didn't see my parents coming out from it.
-But, did you see who did all this?
-I saw a cloaked person, with a torch in his hands, having a weird symbol on his disguise. It was running away so fast, that nobody found him anymore. I don't think that he was caught...
Veyra listened to the boy, and understood his sorrow. She then hugged him, for she wanted to comfort him. The boy then burst into tears, for he felt that he can cry near someone, who understands him...

After Harvell's sorrow passed, Veyra told him to go to "bed", for it was late.
The boy did so, and later even Veyra fell asleep, leaving the fire cracking alone in the darkness of the night until it extinguished.

Part 4:

The sun had come slowly, but it was early when three of the hunters woke up, so they could saw only a pale light...
Averon, Kiyros and Veyra woke up, but Harvell was still sleeping. While he was lost in his deep dreams, Veyra told her counterparts what the boy revealed to her.
-So, that's why I want to behave kindly with him, guys...
After she told these to them, Harvell woke up, ready for the journey. They all packed up and went forward. They were moving with average steps, being silent, and thinking about how will they do, when arriving to the Raysiyom hunters.
However, something stopped their way.
-Everybody! Get behind that stone!-warned them Harvell's master, Averon.
-Why? What happened?-Harvell asked.
There was a great covey of birds, down the hill they were. These animals were all eating some crumbs, and had the dimension of a swallow. But every bird had the color, and the body-shape of a crow.
-Those are Wild Birds, they look innocent, but if you bother them, they will immediately attack you!-replied Kiyros.
-They attack awfully...-Told him Averon. But, I still have something, that we can scare them away with.
He said, and took a special hunter horn. This was made from a ram's horn, boiled it and then crafted it into a beautiful instrument, and made some finger holes. With these holes could the user change the sound of it.
-This can make a special sound, that can tame a wild animal, or scary it away.
-No problem, I can solve this too!-said Harvell gladly, and immediately took his knife.
-Kid, don't, it will only enrage them!-shouted Averon, but Harvell just barely heard him, and threw his knife through the birds. Then the Wild birds stopped eating for a few moments, and stayed motionless, watching where did that knife come from.
And suddenly, they started to fly to the hunters, angrily, and attacked them. They were hitting, clawing and biting them. The birds were so temperamental, that after a while, they started to tear they're clothes and even they're hair.
In that great agitation, Averon took a sack full of food, and threw some crumbs on the ground.
The Wild Birds saw it, and luckily, they stopped to eat. The team then dashed away, before the birds would come and get them.
They kept running, until they stopped under a tree...
They stayed a few minutes to rest, and catch they're breath. After, Averon looked at the kid upset. Harvell knew that something was wrong, and his master is going to talk with him...
-Kid, that was all your fault! How could you be so...
-Why would it be my fault?!
-I told you not to threw that knife! Now, look what you've done!-and he pointed to their teammates' teared clothes, and tousled hair...
-Well sorry, I just wanted to...
-No, you just didn't listen to me, kid!-Harvell began to be angry, just as Averon was.
-Arrgh, stop calling me "kid"! I have a name!
But then, Veyra intervened in their conflict.
-You two, stop! Harvell, you should listen to your master, and Averon, remember what I told you this morning!-she said, not with a threatening tone, but with and upset one...
Then, she talked in particularly with Averon.
-Remember in how much of a trouble he is!
-So, do you want to protect him from everything?
-No, I just want you to have more patience with him!-Averon thought on this for a few moments, and then he said:
-Okay, maybe you're right...-And then he went to the kid.
-Listen, I am sorry for my impatience...I--I should told all this with a calmer tone.
-It's alright, I should listen to you...
After everything calmed down, Harvell and the others arranged their messed up hair, and still stayed a few minutes under the shade of the tree, to rest.

Part 5:
Note: The "QP" letter group is readen as "KV"

They finally rested and were able to go forward. The hunters, didn't even knew that they were very close to the Raysiyom hunters.

Actually, they arrived there, after an average while...but, something has changed. There weren't only the Raysiyom hunters, there were gathered all the hunters, from the Raiysiyoms to the Arternnons. They were all training, and the Lord of the Darkness, Khvern Qparvhotuz was watching all his soldiers. The hunters were convinced to aid the darkness, they were corrupted, and even their face changed. The team couldn't recognize them. The dark hunters were looking very...dark. Their appearance changed.

Our team was spying all that happened behind a rock, and because all the training happened down a hill, it was hard for the dark ones to see them. There were also dark creatures, shadow beings and other obscure creatures...

But, Harvell suddenly felt that he recognizes a memory. He felt something like a deja vu. He also felt an emotion that was a mixture of anger and sadness, as he saw the symbol on the Lord of the Darkness' cloth. It was just like the one that he saw on the robe, of the one who burned his house. It was like a red pine tree, with a rhomb in the middle of it. And from two of the upper branches came two triangles. As for the Lord, he had a dark hood and was wearing a dark colored robe. You could see only his red, glowing eyes through that dark hood.

-I can't believe it! It is him!!-he started to say, with an anger that grew gradually...
-Who? What do you mean?-Averon asked.
-It's the one! It's the one who burned my parents! I must get him!-he responded, already with an anxiety and a rage in his voice. He then ran to get him, but Averon caught him, and didn't let Harvell go.
-Harvell, don't do it! Maybe, you are wrong! Don't be too hasty!-he responded quick, for he wanted to convince him, before he starts a fight with the Lord of Darkness, for he knew it was dangerous. But the kid was so determined, that he got out from Averon's hands, and dashed down the hill, unsheathed his sword, and started to slash the Lord. But in vain...every blow of him was blocked, every pierce was parried. Then the Lord striked once with his great, dark sword, and the kid fell on the ground.

-Ooooh, yes, I rember you! - the Lord said with a harsh voice, while he prepared his next strike, that included a dark slash from his Sword of the death. But then the other hunters, came with their weapons already prepared, to protect the child. Averon and Veyra unsheathed their swords, and Kiyros prepared already two arrows at once.

-You wont touch him as long as we are here!-Kiyros said.
-Oh, yes! you are the hunters who refused to join me, and refused to have power and richness. Ahaha! - the boy then got up from the ground and told the Lord with anger:
-You were the one who killed my parents!
-Yes! Maybe, I have burned them along with the house, or maybe, I have burned your house, and made your parents my soldiers! They are maybe through all these hunters of mine! Ahahaha!
-But, why would you need them as your soldiers? They weren't hunters!
-That's something you surely didn't knew! Your parents were very skilled Vaelic hunters! But now back to you all. If you refuse to join me, then you have no reason to live anymore! - He said, and he started to throw darkness to them wildly. The boy was still too weak to fight, so the others fought for themselves, and also for Harvell. They dodged the darkness, and blocked it with light magic, so they resisted a while, until Khvern stopped.

-Hhmm...I should not spend my time with useless things! I will return to my plans...-he said and turned back to his army. The team ran away from him.

-There's a magic well, close to this place. We should visit it.-said Veyra, and they immediately went there.
-It is said that drinking from this well, will recover your strength, and heal your wounds.-She said, as they arrived there. The hunters lowered the bucket of the well, took some water in it, and then bought it back. Harvell drank from the water, and after a few moments, he felt better.

-Thanks, mates! - He said.
-Okay, now back to our quest!-Averon told the team. We can't get the hunters back while Khvern is there, so we must wait until we reach a time, when the hunters are alone. And I think I know when it will be. When they will take their lunch, we can get to action!- he said, and then they waited until the hunters served their lunch.

The hunters entered the chamber where the corrupted ones were eating, and Averon begun:
-Hunters, listen to me! We are here to remember you, that we are good beings, who fight against the darkness and not with the darkness!
-Yes, we are fighters that respect the other beings, and not attack them!-Kiyros continued.

But they were interrupted by them.

-Hey, are these the ones who are against us?
-Yes, they are the ones who left us!
-You are not welcome here!
-Go away before our mighty lord will get you!

As the team saw that they can't convince them, and that they are getting angry, they left the chamber, and went back to their planning place: the magic well.
They arrived there sad, and in the same time a bit ashamed...they were thinking on another way to convince them...but an old men then came to them. It had robe too, with a hood, and you could see only his beard and his nose, but the rest of his face was a mystery. He told them:

-You will not convince them. They are corrupted. That means they are convinced to aid the dark side. And as you know, their darkness can't be absorbed, because it's too large now. But you surely know that, the conviction includes threatening and bribe. And most of the humans are capable to betray others, because of the fear and the richness...so, it's very hard to convince them... But you, you all are a special case! Your inner light was more powerful, and you resisted the darkness.

-But, what can we do as a solution?-asked Harvell.
-The only way to help them, is to free their soul.
-So, do you mean that we'll have to...kill them?-Harvell asked, afraid of a positive answer.
-You must forget about Khvern, and help the hunters. If you take their life, you will free their souls, and they will leave in peace, and this will also weaken Khvern, because less soldiers, means less power.

Part 6:

-You can't be serious!-he said.
-Yes I am...there is no other way. And you, boy, you have the purest light of you all, so you must end this! But the others will help you. - The hunters were not glad for what they will have to do, especially Harvell.

The old man then dissappeared somehwere in the shadows of the woods, and left the team plan their attack.

-Okay, we must do this, unfortunately...-Averon said with a sorrow in his voice. - I think I have a plan.
They all added ideas to it, except Harvell...

In the end, everything was done.

The team took some hooded clothes on them, so the Lord of Darkness couldn't recognize these four hunters.

They went to the lord, while he was in front of his corrupted army, telling each one what to do. Averon told him:

-Oh, your mighty darkness! We are merchants from far away, some dark and shady lands are our home. We heard about your great might, and we wanted to help you conquering this world!-they changed even their voice.
-Yes, we have the darkest weapons, staffs, knives, and many other stuff for you, and your army! - Kiyros continued.

Meanwhile, Averon whispered to Harvell:
-Boy, do it now! Unleash your light!-but Harvell couldn't do it. The light wasn't coming. The lord then replied to them:

-Very well, and how are these lands named, wherefrom you come? - he said, suspecting something. Averon was inventing a random name:
-Uuuh...it is...uuh...the Realm of...
-The Realm of Barren-ground, your majesty!-Kiyros completed the name.
-Hmm, I haven't heard about these lands.

-Yes, because they are very small...they--they can't be found on the maps...-Veyra explained, while Averon whispered again to the boy:
-Harvell, do it now! - But he still couldn't do it.
-Alright, so these lands are very small, and they can't be found on the maps, that's what you mean, hunters? - he said, grinning behind his hood, for he realised who they were actually.
-Yes...uuh...I mean...NO! Who told you about hunters? We are not...-Averon tried to convince him, but the Lord took off their hoody cloak, and revealed who they were.

-Hahaha, I knew it! You can't even pretend you are dark persons! Pathetic! - he said, and throw a darkness ray to them. After slipping away while trying to dodge it, Averon told the boy:

-Harvell, he caught us, do it now!
-B-but I can't!
-This means the will isn't powerful enough!
-No! I just...
-Harvell, you don't want to do this! Admit!-he said after dodging other dark spells, and blocking some bashes, along with the rest of the team.
-Boy, say it loud! Why don't you want to do it?
-He closed his eyes in his pressure, and the pain accumulated in his soul, and body. Then, as he opened his eyes, everything got outside.
-What if my parents are there! What if I will kill them! I will never see them again! - he said, and then ran away to the planning place.
-Harvell! - Averon called him back.

He ran there, with tearful eyes, and started to lie on the grass, looking up at the skies, and thinking on what happened, sobbing.
Then, the old man came again.
-I-I can't do it! What if Khvern wasn't lying? What if my parents are there? I am not going to kill them!-Harvell said to him.

-I understand you, boy. However, I can help you with only an advise: this night, watch the stars. If you are clever, you will see letters made from the red ones. Then, you will see words made from these letters, and sentences from these words...it will be a message. - he said, and then dissappeared again. The boy listened to him, and has planned to do what the old man said.

He still stayed a while, that was long as an hour or so, and then, his counterparts came back.
-Look, Harvell...I understand you. We all understand you! But, the persons like Khvern, are usually lying, it may be only a blackmail, or something... - Averon told him.
-Yes, but still! You can't know for sure! - he responded.
-I will find another way to save the hunters! - Harvell said, while he stood up.
-And we will help you! - Kiyros told him. Some determined smiles were between the team, they felt they were united. They felt they were a team... They felt they will work together...
-So, what happened when I left you?
-What could happen? - Veyra said. We had to ran away...
-Yes, we needed the purest light, as the old one said. - Averon continued.
-But, we still have some good news! -said Kiyros, trying to confort Harvell. He then showed the deer they hunted.
-Yes, tonight we will roast it at the camp fire! - said Veyra smiling.
-All this made me hungry, so, that would be a good idea! - Harvell was grinning too, for he liked the idea.
As the night arrived, they made the camp fire, and eventually started to roast the deer meat. Harvell was sitting on a rock, like 7-8 metters from the rest of the team. He was watching the stars, just as the old man said. More exactly, he was watching the red stars, and trying to build the message up. He started from one star, and then connected it to the ones next to it. And so, he built letters, then words, and then a sentence...eventually he built the entire message up. It said: "If you destroy the source of the darkness, its slaves will be freed."
-This is it! I have found it! - said Harvell, quite glad, almost screaming.
-Hey, Harvell, why don't you come to eat with us? - Kiyros asked.
-Uuh...I'm coming right away! - he said, and still stayed a few moments, then joined the rest of the team...
They enjoyed the meat, and forget about the bad things. It was a night when they discuted, laughed, and felt good...

Part 7:

As the dawn arrived, the team already woke up. It was a cold dew, and a mysterious fog.

But, of course, Harvell didn't forgot to tell what he found out last night.

And so, the team got informed that they have no other option to defeat the darkness, than to put an end to Khvern's life.

However, the hunters were aware that once they will defeat Khvern, the evil in the world, will not end. They knew that good and evil, always will exist.

The team felt an agiation, adrenaline and some emotions, for they will face again the lord.

They knew the dawn was a fragment of the day when Khvern was alone.

The attacking plan was powerful, the magic and melee attacks were prepared, and every order of the ranged arrows was planed. The place they will start the attack from, was done.


Khvern stood near a quiet river, listening to the soothing flow of the water.

After a while, a tear was running down on his left cheek, slowly, while he was thinking nostlagicaly.

"This foolish world!" - was he thinking. "They will pay for they have done to me!"

The much pressure, sadness and anger in his life, made him so. He fell into darkness. All the bad people he met with, all the bad events in his life, made him so. He is one of the weaker personalities, so he did not managed to remain on the good side. He now wants only revenge!


Averon stood behind a bush that was to the south, and to the west was Veyra, while Kiyros stood to the east. They were all hidden behind a bush, a tree, or a stone.

Averon took some throwing daggers, Veyra took her crossbow, and Kiyros prepared some arrows.

Averon counted at 5, and then he made a sign that indicated the beginning of the battle.

They all shot.

Then they heard a clang. The ranged attacks were blocked.

While Khvern was busy parrying the arrows and knives, Harvell appeared suddenly, and he stabbed the lord. But because of the dark magic that he was covered in, he only felt a pricking of a pencil.

He turned back to counterattack the boy. A short knife made of shadows appeared in Khvern's hands and he tried to stab him.

Harvell always had great reflexes and sharpened senses, so he managed to dodge the attack. But while cheering, a fist of darkness hit him, making him to fall on the ground...

However, the lord did not forget about the others. They were all coming to start the serious part of the battle.

As the sword of Veyra tried to slash him, the lord's relflexes responed with a blast, that has hurled her away. He raised his sword to slash again the girl, but her counterpart came to help.

Despite the sword of Averon was sharpened, the lord could hold it from its blade,and so, it had no effect. He pushed Averon away without any efforts, and turned to Kiyros.

The quick bashes of his short sword were only imobilizing the lord for some short moments, but it had no effect in harming him. The arrows of him were swallowed by the darkness that Khvern shot. The ray of shadows reached Kiyros in the end, and a wound occured.

Seeing that they were all on the ground, Averon regained imediatelly his powers, and continued the fight.

He was not alone, for Harvell's will to help his fellow gave him more power to fight. He got up from the ground and casted a light spell.

This time, the lord was too busy with Averon, so the light was a surprise for Khvern.

The swordplay and the attacks were now between the novice hunter and his master.

Suddenly, Kiyros was no where to be seen. However, some firing arrows were shot from a the top of a tree behind Khvern, and aimed perfectly him. It was the archer!

Khvern fell on the ground, but his rage has grown, so he imediately stood up. He fired a darkness blast to Kiyros , and it broke the branch he stayed on. But Kiyros fell down with a perfect accuracy, making a flip during the fall, so he landed on the ground without any pain.

Veyra then managed to sand up.

There were already 3 swords against the lord.

Seeing that he is overpowered, he drained some energy using black magic. This weakened Averon so much, that he fell in knees, and couldn't continue the fight. The lord than stabbed him with a force that hurled him away.

-Averon! - said Harvell, but couldn't focus on him further because of the battle.

The number of warriros was decreasing, and they were slowly taking more and more damage.

But there was still one hunter that could fight!

-Kiyros, continue the fight with Harvell, I have to take care of someone! - said Veyra, and as Kiyros came to replace her in the battle, Veyra ran to help Averon.

-Are you alright? - she said, with a worried voice. Averon had a deep wound in his chest, and his clothes were slashed.

He tried to stand up, but the pain overpowered him, so he fell back on the grass, with painful moans...

-Don't even try that!

-But...I have to return to battle!

-Just...don't move! You are too weak to fight! - she said, and she begun to stroke him gently.

He felt himself better and better, as he sensed the delicate moves of Veyra. Her hand begun to get a golden color. It was just like she would hold some light rays in her hand. It was white magic. She used the light to cure him slowly.

Her gentle female fingers were soothing and caressing him. In the end he felt just like at the beginning of the battle, when he had no wounds and no gashes.

-Thank you, Veyra! - he said with a quiet and grateful voice.

-Umm, don't you hurry a bit, will you? - said the two hunters with a fear and a very slight anger in their voice.

The two imediatelly stood up, and continued the fight.

This time all the hunters were attacking the lord at once.

This was a time when the lord was completely overwhelmed. They were organized in such way, that the lord of darkness was surrounded by them. Stabs of a knives, bashes of short and longswords, arrows of all kind and spells at once, were attacking the lord of darkness from every direction.

In the end, he was defeated. The lord was on the ground and their sharp swords were headed directly to him.

-Enough! - he shouted in his anger, and he blasted away each and every single person, every single thread of grass, and every single thing, whether it was bigger or smaller. It left him more space and more air to breath.

The team managed to stand up, but Khvern raised some darkness tentacles from the ground, that caught Averon, Kiyros and Veyra. They were sowly covered enirely by the darkness, but luckily, Harvell got away.

-Find a way to stop Khvern, and don't let the darkness get you! - said Veyra, before being entirley covered by the darkness.

As Harvell saw the lord turned to him, he imediatelly ran for his life.

He dahsed away, the lord chased him.

But unfortunately, Harvell's way was blocked, because he reached a dead end...

-This ends now, boy! There is no way you can win! Your friends are gone, and you're all alone!

-No! - he said determinated.

-Haha, poor boy! You are powerless, you are too weak to defeat me! - the boy felt a fear in his entire body, but then he realised something.

-No! You are alone! - he said suddenly. That's why you want to take everyone to your side! You are the weak one here! Only the weak persons attack the innocet ones. You are threatening and offensive to everyone that is weaker than you! But you cannot face someone bigger and stronger, am I right?

-Stop lying you little peasant! I am your lord, you are my slave, you must kneel down in front of me, and subdue! - he told him, trying to defend his last hope of being powerful.

-You are afraid! - Harvell said with a victorious grinning.


-You are afraid of the truth! And that's exactly what I've revelead to you now!- he said, and after some extremly short moments, he suddenly hit him with both his knife and his sword, causing him to fall down the chasm.

But, he took the scythe of the Grim Reaper, and with it's magic, he brought the lord back before he would reach the ground. He kept him in the air, floating. Harvell looked at him amazed, for the hood fell from his head, while he was in the fall.

His face was scary, it was scratched so much in some parts, that there were some tiny zones, were he could see his flesh slightly. He had a lot of scars and unhealed wounds. He was angry, but the fear could be seen on his face. His eyes grew a lot in his fright.

-W-what will you do to me? W-will you kill me? - the boy tought for a moment.

-No! - the lord got releaved. I am not like you! I will let the gryphons take you to the the 7 Gods of Justice, and they will decide your faith! - and then he whistled, calling the gryphon, and he let down his scyte, letting the griffin take him far away, into the skies.

There, he reached the gods.

-Well, well, well. Look, what do we have here?

-You were the one with an evil influence on the people? - said Solian, a goddess of Justice.

-Yes, he is one of the evil forces. - said Ascen, another god.

-He will pay for his deeds! - said another one, while he hit the arm of his royal chair, becuase of the anger.

-Keep your cool, Korn! This wasn't all his fault. He had to take many hardships during his life. - said Keervyan.

-But that doesn't mean he is blameless! - determined another deity.

They discuted a while, silent, so he could not hear them. Khvern was afraid of the final verdict.

As they turned to him, he knew that his faith will not be pleasureful.

-Your body will be sent back to the lands, and it will turn into ashes. It will be blown away from the winds, and will get into the depths of the oceans. Then, It will be eaten by one of the greatest whale of the waters.

-So it will be! - said one of them, and hit once with his short hammer.

And so, the verdict turned real.

As for the soul of him, no one knows what happened to it. Some people say, that he hadn't even a soul.

But, no one knows for sure...


Harvell went back to the location where the battle took place.

He saw his friends slowly being uncovered by the darkness, and the tentacles went back in the ground.

When they're head was revealed, they felt they have more air, and they breathed intensively in their relief.

A great cheer took place in their heart, and their shouts of joy, happiness and praises could be heared in the surrounding places.

Then the team saw the hunters were no more dark, their shadow vanquished.

They joined the heroes and thanked, praised and felicitated them.

Harvell then started to search through all the throng of hunters.

He looked for his parents. He firstly didn't find them, so he thought he didn't searched enough.

But then, after a quarter of hour passed, he begun to lose his belief that his parents were still alive.

He continued to search, the crowd was slowly leaving the place, and going home. The sunset was slowly arriving.

Harvell couldn't find his parents...

In the end, there where no other hunters than his team.

It was clear for him. His parents were not turned dark. They were killed.

He sat down on the grass, and watched the sunset.

Then, the other hunters sat near him.

-You didn't find them, did you? - said Averon. The boy nodded negatively, while his tears ran down his cheeks, and he leaned his head on Averon's shoulder.

-But, see the good part! You are a hero! You learned much, and you are now a hunter! You saved the other hunters, and defeated a part of the evil forces.

-Yes... b-but I just wanted... - he said through his tears. My parents...I just wanted to see them again. My family is...lost.

-But you have now a new family! - said Kiyros.

-We will be always together with you! - said Veyra.

They then had a team hug, after which they watched how the sun leaves, and how the night comes.


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