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Because friends don't let friends cry alone
A Friendship Try Angle
Carol St. Ann
For World Suicide Prevention Day

It's cool how we know each other so well
I can tell you've been lost in your own private Hell.
So I've come to remind that, wherever you are,
I'm your friend and I love you. I'll never be far.

You can talk and I'll listen
Wipe your tears when they glisten
Make you laugh til you cry
Tell bad jokes til you sigh
Hold you tight tho you struggle
Til your fight turns to cuddle

Change the stance
Change the rhythm
Drop the rhyme
'til you listen.

I will laugh with you,
cry with you,
wonder the why with you.
Walk with you,
run with you,
fancy the fun with you.
I'll make time for you,
years for you,
tackle the tears for you.

Change the stance
Change the rhythm
Drop the rhyme
If you'll listen.

Give me one more day.
You mean so much to me.
Lay your burden on the table
of our friendship
and let us devour it
like ice cream
and laugh at it,
and then let's walk eagerly
toward tomorrow
where things are better
and questions are answered
and problems evaporate
or shrink away to obscurity.

There is so much laughter yet to be.
I'm here. Right here. Hang on to me.

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