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Rated: E · Documentary · Romance/Love · #2060915
A girl waiting for her love to come back so that she can regain that sense of living
Passing the days in solitude, all alone, like in a prison without any air coming inside. I have closed all the doors from where even a glimpse of hope can come because I know, still I have some more days to live without you.

The dusk coming pinches me a lot, as if mocking at me, saying "I am free, I am with my love, I am with my night". I tried blocking the moon view, but then realized curtains are also playing with me, enjoying with the plight of my life. They swing with the air giving me a chance to peep outside - how beautiful moon looks, but for me its all vain. This moon no more gives me a feeling that you are also watching me, remembering me, searching me, nearby.

Every moment is slipping from the hands, making me stiff from inside, every single tick of the clock is forcing me towards a hell, a hell which is differently not hot but cold... unknown by the warmth of your presence. My body has stopped responding to my mind, and the soul is entangled in the cobweb of thoughts... the thoughts of being alone. I am left with nothing but a knitted bunch of moaning, sighing, crying, depleting, extincting.

Time is passing away, though poisoned, though uncured... I linger with this feeling and wonder for how many more times I have to come crawling and ask for a favor to call me, to talk to me, at least give me a chance, make me privileged - to listen you  and make my heart satisfied that you are alright. I wanted to talk to... to be engrossed with the charm of your voice which comes tearing every impossibles - direct to my heart. Please my love try to understand its been so long and  am not so strong to live without you, without your presence, without not being ALL ALONE
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