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My Entry into the Dear Me contest — goals for my writing life.
Dear Me,

         Well, I have learned a few things. I have learned that I am not yet qualified to write the story of a covert operative. My imagination does not stretch to the kinds of planning and improvisation that a secret agent would have to do. Yet I have several stories that revolve around exactly those people. As a result, Brannon and Kissla always come off looking somewhat foolish. Brannon's one fan said he seemed kind of wet behind the ears — not good for somebody selected for the interstellar Imperial Secret Service at the age of 14, and kidnapped from his family for training. No matter the story I write about Kissla or Brannon, these characters will either bring that unimagined mental effort to bear on their problems, or they will be incompetent and dependent on random luck. Therefore, before either of their stories — both book-level projects — can be completed I must begin to develop some of this.

         So my goal is to spend some time studying this. For that purpose, I will study at least one book on real life tactics. I will reexamine some of the better fiction on these characters, at least a book or two. I may also review MacGyver on Netflix since some of the ideas from the alleged real CIA agent came closer to MacGyver than I thought. And I will also begin to think about what kinds of preparation these two characters can make. I will spend several hours going over the stories and plots I have for places to put my characters' preparation.

         By the end of the year I wish to have at least one book draft done, most likely Brannon's story (If I can do it, without too many tears.) Yes, I have done a Nanowrimo; Brannon's story was a nano success, but it was not a complete story. Even though my one fan, my friend (and one-time fiancée) will likely never see it, even though I may never see anybody get to the end of it, I will finish it.

Meanwhile, I will not allow my tears to stop me writing. Onward and upward!


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