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A poem which describes the conundrum of experiencing a Father who took his own life.
I read your mind through the eyes of death.
It was staring at the cold concrete pavement of my heart,
And it waled uncontrollably.

"Speak audibly", I said frantically,
Cause I need an answer immediately.
This fire that darkens my heart is about to consume me.
You continued silently to say you've been loving me,
but not loving yourself enough to stop hurting yourself... You see!

I heard you bellow as your mind contorted in pain. Yet your face was frozen.
Cold with the mist of frustration at your dead life.
A dozen magazines of a million thoughts were fired at the garrisons near my chest.
And now the defenses near my heart were compromised, leaving my life pumping organ vulnerable to the attack.
The attack from the transmitters that cause myself to numb self and cry for you.

I continue to listen through the eyes of death

You said so many things saying absolutely nothing
Every one screaming at you! to you! for you!
Hoping that they'd be God's for just one minute.
And make your blood flow again so you can utter it.
The words "I love you"-and explain the reason why you chose to quit.

I see your world through your eyes of death.
Crazy like the dancing sun.
with no earth to boast that "I sustain creation"
Lacking purpose, clouded by vice and mischief.
You stood still, hanged around while surrounded by grief.
You chose to instead to say nothing audibly,
And speak to me only through your eyes of death.
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