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Darcy's son takes a wife but she has a past. Will her past destroy their future?
Shiloh Darcy was proud of his home in Pemberly but he went to college in Paris and met the love of his life. April Winsmore. She was a beautiful blonde and Shiloh loved her and adored her. She was studying in France and doing art work. Shiloh was studying to be a lawyer and when he met April, his heart stopped as did hers. They became an item.

Shiloh wrote his father a letter about his new bride and Elizabeth was planning a ball in their honor. Shiloh and his bride April were now on a ship headed back to England. April was from Liverpool, England and she didn't want to go back to England. She told herself things would be alright. Her parents had died and she had been on her own for three years. She had inherited a lot of money and was well off. She wished that they could have stayed in France.

April knew these waters well. She wished she didn't. Shiloh came up beside her and put his arm around her. "Are you happy, my love?"

April smiled. "Yes, I am. I can't wait to meet your family."

"We will be at Pemberly tomorrow."

April smiled but she was dreading going back to England.

The next day, the ship had arrived at Derbyshire. Darcy and Elizabeth hugged Shiloh and was glad to meet April. April thought Mr. Darcy looked familiar and Darcy thought he had seen her before but he didn't know the Winsmore family. He had never heard of them so he couldn't have known April.

"April, you will love the ball that I have planned for you two. We are so anxious to have everyone meet you." Elizabeth smiled.

"My son, your bride is beautiful. I know you will be happy." Darcy was always proud of his son.

"Thanks, father. I already am."

The ride to Pemberly was short. April noticed how beautiful the grounds were and when she saw Pemberly, it was a vast estate and she had never saw a mansion more beautiful. This was going to be her home as well. A big pond, woods, horse stables and the mansion. She could love it here without a doubt.

The carriage stopped and Shiloh helped April get out and asked her what she thought.

"It is beautiful. My parents estate was never like this. This is breath taking."

"Welcome to your new home." Shiloh picked April up and carried her into Pemberly.

Shiloh carried her upstairs to his room and it looked different. "Mother, what did you do?" The room had rose curtains and had a touch of feminism to it.

"Shiloh, you can't expect your room to look like it did. You have a wife now. I changed everything around." Elizabeth beamed with pride.

April was impressed with the whole mansion. Furniture had come from France. Red velvet chairs, blue winged tipped chairs with blue velvet tapestry. Their room all done in rose coloring and the furniture looked new in cherry wood. She thought it was beautiful.

"I love it. Thank you, Mrs. Darcy."

"You can call me Elizabeth." Elizabeth hugged April. April hoped her new in-laws would always like her.

The ball was the next day. Jane and her husband Charles Bingley were there and going to spend the night as the ball was the next day. They were impressed with April. Mary, Elizabeth's other sister was also impressed with April.

April went outside to ride horses with Shiloh.

"Why did Shiloh rush into marriage? Is she expecting?" asked Jane.

"No. Shiloh has always been impulsive. He loves this young lady." Elizabeth drink a sip of tea.

"She is lovely."

"Yes, she is, Jane. I am sure Shiloh has chosen well."

A shady looking man was watching Shiloh and April. He decided to pay Darcy a visit. Actually, he was a former groomsman who had worked for Darcy. He had been dismissed because he had sold horses that belonged to Darcy and lied that someone else had stolen them. He was also a pirate and he had left the pirates. Now, he was at Pemberly and had just seen April. The newest Mrs. Darcy. How would they like her when he told the family that she was a pirate? Mrs. Darcy? All rich and high and mighty. Her dreams were about to go up in smoke.

Omar Reuben went into the mansion carrying his gun. A gun he had used to kill many people. He came through the door and Shiloh and April had just put their horses back in the stalls and were entering the house. They heard yelling and April knew the one man's voice. Omar!

"What is the meaning of this? yelled Darcy. I fired you for stealing my horses and you raped one of the maids. I heard you turned pirate. You thieving bastard! I want you out now. Better, yet I will send for the constable."

"Go ahead. You will want your daughter in-law arrested as well. She is the Queen of the Pirates! She left the pirates two years ago and escaped to France. She is a thieving, bloody pirate. Will you hang us both?"

Everyone grasped and looked at April.

"Is it true?" whispered Shiloh.

"I can explain." April went white and felt weak.

"Ginger, get her a glass of water." Darcy yelled. Shiloh helped April sit down on one of the winged tipped chairs.

April drank her water. Darcy had his butler Jerome and Charles tie Omar up in a chair near by.

"April, you need to explain what this is all about. Were you a pirate?" Darcy asked.

"Maybe we should discuss this in private. April, are you playing me for a fool? Are you after my money and are your pirates coming here to rob my family? Why are you doing this? Who in the hell are you?"

"I am your wife. I love you. I mean you and your family no harm."

"The lying bloody wrench! We are going to hang. Got one on the likes of you, Darcy!" Omar was laughing.

"Put a gag on him. April, I demand you start talking now." Darcy was about to lose his temper.

"I am so sorry. I was a pirate. Omar and his pirates killed my parents. My real last name is Briceson. I watched the pirates kill my parents and my younger sister. They kidnapped me as well. They told me if I didn't do their bidding, I would die. Omar was the worst. See that scar on his eye brow? I took a sword to him. He starved me and beat me. I learn to fight like them, yield a sword and steal. I only killed two pirates. They were going to kill me. I should have killed Omar. The pirates made me their pirate Queen. I hated them. When our ship was burned by enemy pirates, I escaped. I came back to Liverpool, collected my inheritance with the help of a shady lawyer but the money was mine. I wanted a good, honest life. I was starting over. I swear. Please, Shiloh, forgive me. I love you. I just want another chance. I didn't choose to be a pirate." April started to cry. Elizabeth patted her arm. "I believe you. It will be alright."

"She is telling the truth. I remember when I was in Liverpool, the Briceson family had been killed by pirates. Neighbors saw the pirates and they dragged away a screaming young girl. They tried to help but the pirates killed them. They tried to find April. I met the Bricesons years ago and April, you were ten years old. You had fallen off your horse and I helped you up. When I saw you today, I thought I had seen you before."

"That was you? Oh my. You are right. I thought I had seen you before. I am so sorry that I am not perfect. I just wanted a normal life. After I got my inheritance, I went to Paris to start a new life and I met Shiloh. I wanted to tell him about my pirate past but I was too afraid. Shiloh, I am so sorry."

Shiloh went to April and hugged her. "I love you. It isn't your fault, you were a pirate. You are my wife and we are going to start a new life."

"Omar, I am sending you to Australia. I have connections and you will be leaving tonight. You are lucky I don't hang you here and now. Take him out of my sight. I am going to town to make arrangements to get Omar on that ship to Australia. April, welcome to the family. It isn't your fault that you were a pirate. You had a bad time of it. We are going to take care of you. You are part of our family and we will love you and give you a good life." Darcy kissed April's cheek and told Elizabeth he would be back later.

Some groomsmen took Omar to a vacant horse stall and left him tied up.

Mary and Jane hugged April.

"I am so sorry. I hated being a pirate. I am glad you are accepting me."

"April, what happened to you isn't your fault. My sister Lydia ran off with a military soldier who was a scoundrel and she wasn't kidnapped. Don't worry. We are going to have our ball tomorrow night. Welcome to your new life. Your new aunts love you, too." Jane, Mary and Elizabeth hugged April. April cried tears of joy.

The ball went well. No one there was from Liverpool and no one found out about April's past. Pemberly was quiet and normal. Shiloh and April had children, a boy and a girl. Everyone was happy.

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