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An allegorical poem comparing the train journey with the journey of life!

The Mesmerizing Train

When I first boarded a train,

I felt as if it was very dull and in vain.

But as I went deep into the core,

I found it was more!!

The meandering roads and the wandering sky

Hug you tight and say Good Bye.

When you rush through the dusty lane

They peep into your eyes and say "Come again!"

As I stand leaning out of the door,

I can feel the whispering breeze kiss my cheeks and want more.

The pain in my heart, that so far I bore,

Seems to be with me no more!!

When your wheels roll hard and cry,

I say "It's Ok dear! You've got to try!!"

They say "Why is the road I go through so much filled with pain?"

I say "If you don't try, your efforts will go in vain!"

And finally when you roar in the air through the wilderness,

I feel you have stood up against all bitterness.

And I rejoice, thinking my efforts were really good!

Finally as I come down, I feel refreshed with a nice mood!

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