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Somehow you know the Werecow doesn't know the world she ran away fromas wellas she thinks.
"Cows can be told it sounds like stuff did happen there - it sounds like you came from bad time by the high energy of your voice speaking of there."

"That place Up North," the Werecow & [(RN) Reader's name)] ___ say in unison.

The Werecow says, "I felt like getting away. I don't really want to go back there. Not much happens there. Not that things can't be nice there - I just don't remember much anything standing out about my time there."

"I was chosen to cover up so I took the time to stay and listen to the bad guys rant." Werecow said.

"How do you know they are bad guys," you ask. "Maybe they were just presented that way to you - like a present."

"Maybe," Werecow says. You begin to like her.

"I hugged the Emo life and became a real Emo cow. My friend Eugene loves to find all kinds of negative things to say about people in what the world has become. He likes to talk about a world he lives in that is his fantasy. I was a stuffed cow there - so what do I know, maybe it is fantasy. I just would believe all the details and nice explanations for what was going on if it wasn't for him."

You never once shifted to another form? ___ asks.

" No - I heard so much that people had to say that I didn't waste time letting them know I was real enough to be a threat or where my weaknesses were and what my threats were."

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