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Doing a Nothing of a Lot
Part 3

Meanwhile a warlock listened. He knew were cows were not capable of switching forms. A mere mortal had no way of knowing though. He began to wonder if his friend the were cow thought well of him. He often thought of all the things he could have tried to do - work against an unforgiving reality...

He knew he was the one who can change into stuffed doll. He began to doubt himself after listening to his friends who thought was a were cow incapable of transforming into an object. In the past the warlock had been Inspired by the were cow who kept trying to do for others with her animal instincts that were manipulated - the warlock decided to be a stuffed cow.

_____ (reader) interest him. You seem to be thoughtful and able to see what is going on in groups.

He remembered how the were cow came often to the farm on which he was treated like a servant. She had a scar on her face. That made her stand out - a little extra decoration to her face. She came giving all kinds of advice for the farmer. He wondered where she was. Through his connection to her he sensed she was coming to find him about what to do about the human.

He really felt sorry for the were cow. She was stuck trying to keep live a life between humans and cows and he wondered if she needed a rest from trying to bring balance back to the elements on the farm - farms could use the basic balance that comes so easy to nature.

He said, "You feel like starting a revolution? "

The were cow said "Yeah,"

He read her mind and sensed she really believed she had been not participating in rebellion - that she had just been a stuffed cow. Now she was ready for doing something for the first time.

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