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Istvan hears a mysterious voice, both during his final at bat and before he meets a scout.
The Black Rose Series

Book 1

Chapter 2-Voices, Baseball, and a Scout

Belding High School, Belding, MI

This pitch is going to be outside.

What the…?

“Time out, blue.” Istvan says.

The umpire grants him time by raising his arms and shouting “time!”

Istvan steps out of the batter’s box and taking a couple practice swings, he says in his mind who are you, and what do you want?

Who I am is not important. I’m here to help you. The voice replied.

Help me with what, exactly?

To help you be more successful, kid. You have far more potential than you are aware of.

I am not a kid, and in case you don’t know, I am doing well on my own. Now, be gone. Istvan said sharply.

The voice sighs. Okay. Please heed my warning that this pitch is going to be outside
The next pitch is going to be right down the middle so hit it out of the park.

Istvan shrugs, then thinks to himself, What the hell. What have I got to lose?

“The first pitch to Istvan is outside,“ says the P.A. guy.

Istvan is waiting for the next pitch, when he hears the voice again.

This pitch is going to be on the inside corner for a strike. Take it.

“What the…” Istvan says out loud. “Time out blue.”

Time is granted again. “You okay, son?” the umpire asks, unsure of what to make of the situation.

“I’m fine. I just need to clear my head.” Istvan replied. You again? He said to the voice. I thought I told you I didn’t need your help.

I know. I know, but I’m not just going to go away until my job is done. The voice replied.

Well, job or no job, I still told you to be gone.

“Let’s hurry it up, son.” The umpire said.
Istvan shrugs again. “Sorry, blue.”

“Istvan waits for the pitch. It’s on the inside corner for a strike.” The P.A. guy says.

This pitch is going to be right down the middle.

“Son of a… time out, blue.” Istvan says in frustration.

“What going on with you, son?” the umpire asked, bewildered.

“I’m sorry, blue. I don’t know what’s going on with me today.”

“Okay, I’ll grant your timeout, but, this is the last time. Understood?”

“Understood, blue. Thank you.” Istvan says, flashing a smile to the umpire. Then he steps out of the batter’s box.

Persistant little bastard ain’t ya? Istvan says with a little irritation.

When Istvan gets irritated, he speaks with an Irish accent.

As persistant as I need to be. The voice replied in an even tone.

Well, since you’re going to be a persistant pest, I guess I’ll listen to you. Just this one time, though. Deal?

Deal. The voice replied. Remember, the pitch is going to be right down the middle, so hit it out of the park.

Got it. Istvan replied, still in his Irish accent.

"Istvan steps in and wait for the pitch. The next pitch is right down the middle. Swung on, it's a deep fly ball. Still carrying and it's gone! A grand slam for Istvan Janos and the game is over! The P.A. guys says, excitedly. The final score is Belding, eight, Greenville, four.

After chatting with the local media for a while, Istvan walks to the locker room to get ready for with Aradis, Liam and his girlfriend, Ariel.

Upon reaching his locker, Istvan's baseball coach approaches him.

Istvan, there's a man out in the parking lot waiting for. I believe he's a scout at a university. He said he would like to talk to you about the university he works for. He wasn't too forthcoming with information. You may want to hurry."

After showering, Liam is waiting for Istvan by his, arms folded across his chest chewing on a tooth pick.

"Hey there, buddy! You ready for our double date?" he smiles around the toothpick.

"Yes, I most certainly am. I have someone waiting for me in the parking lot. Some scout or something. Istvan replied. "I'll meet up with you later, bud."

"Okay. Fill me in later." Liam replies.

"I will."

Istvan walks to the parking lot to meet with the scout.

Do not accept this scout's offer. I know you're confused by hearing my voice, but, please, trust me, says the voice in Istvan's head.

Istvan looks around, but, doesn't see anybody. "Who's there?

Continuing on his to the parking lot, the voice repeats, don't accept the scout's offer.

"Okay! Istvan replies. "Okay! At least give me a reason not to!"

He hears nothing.

He reaches the parking lot and meets with the scout.
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