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We're going to the library :D

Libraries are an interesting place from someone like me. When I walk into a library, I am sometimes expecting to find something special. Something just for me. Rarely do I find things for others.

The pages that turn before me, show me worlds I can only imagine; maybe that's why - I got up and went to look at a few books in my personal library and lost my train of thought.

When I checkout books to read, they don't seem to have been read in a long while or at all. It makes me wonder if I've kept them on the shelf unnecessarily by checking it out.

My personal library has authors that I don't find in the libraries around here. I have not seen my favorite author even in a used book store. I may have to get creative in finding an actual, physical book that Lynn Kurland has written.

Books, to me, have a life of their own. Each has their own story to tell. Each tells their story differently. I now wonder if there could be a genre that I would not read. Answer YES! with enthusiasm. Thriller stories. Agatha Christie, Tom Clancy, James Patterson, just a few on a probably growing list.
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