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Ramblings after hearing about a friend who is possibly getting a divorce.

Sometimes when one looks at a marriage, it looks great. The couple seem happy and content with where they are, but most of the time looks are deceiving. When I think of my own marriage, I realize that at times Tony and I go through a dry spell. Things change in every marriage. The point a couple has to get to is; will whatever comes bring you together or tear you apart. Somethings you have to stand against. Some things you will disagree on.

Do you compromise, find out their side or do you just let things simmer and stew until the pot called marriage is dried up and ruined? If you do not give up on your stewed marriage, God can and will bring it back to live with the Water of the Holy Spirit. What are you going to do?

You are not going to have much better life anywhere else. Marriage is bringing two imperfect people together for, what is supposed to be, forever. Why do some throw things away so easily? Why not fight for what you have? If you fight for what you have then soon instead of fighting each other, you'll be fighting together.

There are always extenuating circumstances, I know. There is always something that just breaks the ties that bind.
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