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Two girls and a teddybear have a sleepover
The 10-year old Vinny cried out as she poked her friend Cora a couple of times in the belly.

“I am tired. Let’s sleep in the bush house; mommy won’t mind; she is entertaining that ugly Mr. What’s-his-name. They will be busy for hours.”

“Okay,” muttered Cora, just finishing page ten of an excellent scary story she had picked up from Vinny’s bedroom. “Let’s sleep an hour and then throw a tea party for all your dolls and Teddy Bear afterward. You promised me a tea party.”

They both put on a white nightgown.

The two girls sneaked out of the house barefooted, strolled through the back yard, opened the bush house door, and entered the cabin.

It was dark and musky inside. Vinny held Teddy Bear closer to her heart. She shivered.

“First we make some light…but no, let’s make a fire in the fireplace. I’ve seen daddy do it a hundred times. I can do that.” She looked at Cora. Would she be impressed?

Vinny looked for matches and wood while Cora took in the surroundings.

A beautiful clock with ornaments, an open dresser filled with winter clothing, an old mirror in the back near the sofa bed. A couple of chairs and a round table. Pretty basic, really. She sat on the sofa to examine the cushions. After a few minutes, she lay down, watching her friend.

In the center of the cabin, Vinny was working the fireplace. First, she picked up some little wooden logs from a basket, fumbled with an old newspaper, and lit the fire. It took her a while before she got the hang of it, but after ten minutes, there was a fire indeed, and the glow and heat were quickly warming the inside of the small cabin.

Vinny joined Cora on the sofa bed, and within minutes, the two girls were asleep, shoulder to shoulder, hands entangled. Teddy Bear hovering over them, protective.

Knock, knock. The sound woke them up and still dizzy from sleep; they both looked at the door.

“Come inside, we’re here,” Vinny shouted.

Knock, knock. The knocking went on, so reluctantly, Vinny left the sofa and went for the door.

She opened the cabin door, but there was nobody. Cora was wide awake too and sat on the bed still, looking puzzled at her friend.

Knock knock. The girls turned their heads. The knocking sound came from within the mirror…!

They looked in the mirror and saw a strange reflection appear. Instead of the two girls, a bed, and a teddy bear, a huge fire was leaking from the fireplace towards the bed. Yellow flames obscured the view.

Looking behind them, they saw nothing out of the ordinary, but looking in the mirror, a huge fire was still visible, and smoke came from the edges of the mirror into the cabin.

“What’s happening,” coughed Cora, frightened by what she saw.

“Don’t know,” Vinny answered, “but let’s go outside and alert mommy.”

They both went for the door. Vinny reached out for the door handle, but it was so hot she screamed. “Awe, that hurts.” She tried again, but the door handle was too hot, and she couldn’t open the door.

“Let me try,” Cora said. But whatever the reason, the door handle did not budge, and the door stayed closed.

Vinny panicked. “I want to get out; I don’t like it here anymore.” Tears came into her eyes.

She hurried back to the bed to fetch Teddy Bear. But the bear was nowhere to be seen. She looked under the bed, nothing.

“Where is my Teddy,” she cried to Cora, who was still trying to open the door.

“I haven’t seen him; look again on the sofa.” Cora bit her lip.

The two girls were now frantically running around.

“Look, “Vinny shouted. She stood in front of the mirror. Everything seemed to be normal again. There was a reflection of herself and Cora and the sofa bed with Teddy Bear on it.

“There you are,” Vinny smiled and turned. But Teddy Bear was not there. The sofa bed was empty.

Instead, there was a small line of fire going from the fireplace to the sofa bed.
Within minutes, the cushions were smoking, and flames were rapidly turning the place into a fireball.

“Hurry,” Vinny shouted, “look inside the mirror; everything is okay there. We have to go inside the mirror.”

She grabbed her friend’s hand and made a jump through the looking glass.

Seconds later, there was a reflection of both the girls, holding Teddy Bear. The room was fine.

Inside the cabin, the fire turned higher and higher, scorching everything.

Within 30 minutes, nothing was left but some panels and the carcass of a mirror, broken glass in front on the floor, with the faint scattered reflection of two girls holding a teddy bear.

The cabin was no more.

Word count: 820

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