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Tribute To My Grandma And Grandpa. Ancestors of William Webster, a Quaker.
Young Katie McHenry felt a slight twinge,
When watching Boarder her parents took in,
Sent there to work on the Kickapoo Bridge,
Just down the hill and right over the ridge.

His name was Louis, and he too had eyes,
For the girl, Katie, who baked such great pies,
At night, on the porch, they'd all sit and talk,
Soon Louis asked Katie to take a walk.

They'd laugh together and sometimes hold hands,
And spent endless hours making their plans,
He asked permission to wed her one night,
Her Father said, "Yes, that would be all right."

So, they hurried off to make a new life,
Happy together as husband and wife.
She now had a new name, Webster it was,
They built a home that became filled with love.

The house soon filled with children, one by one,
There were fourteen of them when it was done.
Together nine girls and four rowdy boys,
A house filled with chaos, drama, and noise.

In 1946 tragedy came,
Junior was drowned, there was no one to blame,
He fell through the ice and lost his short life,
He'd never know children, or have a wife.

The family moved on and some went to war,
What used to be, was not there anymore,
Women at home had learned how to be strong,
Waiting for word every day seemed so long.

Times were hard and buckles must be tightened,
People were frugal, and somewhat frightened.
At last home the men came, and women too.
Babies were born, and again families grew.

Websters had grown, now Louis and Katie,
Had 37 sweet, lovely, Grandbabies.
With hugs, kisses, and a worn rocking chair,
Grandma spoiled each one who came to sit there.

Time marches on and grey hairs grow longer,
Gardening slows down and steps are not stronger.
A Golden Anniversary - time flies,
Party at Woodside was quite a surprise.

1977 Louis died,
Poor Katie missed him, she sat down and cried.
One of her family came by every day,
To visit and see that she was OK.

1985 Katie laid to rest,
As parent and grandma, she was the best;
She had a hard life, but some good times too,
Always kind and gentle to all she knew.

Over the years how the family had grown,
Some still in the nest, and some had flown.
Life still must roll on through all the goodbyes,
New life emerges in blink of an eye.

Onward continues this family history,
Write it down now, avoid a mystery,
Please record it after we too are gone,
Your blood and our blood together belong.

Webster and McHenry runs in our veins,
Some still will carry the proud Webster name.
Stand tall for this family who marked the land,
For they are our history, they are our brand.
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