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This is a conceptual idea of building air-tight domes and how life can be on the moon.
Life on the moon is possible, if we think in real terms. We can start by building air-tight domes on the moon. This will have regulators for controlling the air pressure inside. Air can be pumped in with the help of air containers. This containers should be able to handle large amounts of air to be stored in them. As people, we inhale air and exhale carbondioxide. This can create a huge build up of carbondioxide inside the domes. Also, the domes can be up to a kilometre in diameter made of thick glass that can withstand air pressure. People should be able to walk around in the domes and be able to communicate with each other. A city like structure can be built inside the domes with residential apartments and commercial complexes. Schools, restaurants and public places can also exist inside such domes. People should be able to work at commercial places to earn a living. Children should be able to go to schools and grownups to colleges. There should also be a good amount of supply of water in such domes. Water is an essential commodity and it should be provided everywhere in the domes. Greenhouses can be built to supply fresh vegetables and fruits to the people living inside such domes. This is only a conceptual idea of life on the moon, but might be possible in the near future.
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