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This article discusses the effects of environmental pollution on us and our surroundings.
Our environment is the place we live in, work in, play in and spend our times. It is the air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat. All three of this are essential elements of our daily life. Environmental pollution can create imbalance in this delicate structure. If we find our air polluted, it can cause damage to our heart and lungs. If the water is polluted with zinc or chlorine it can cause damage to our body. If the food we eat is contaminated it can bring on diarrhea and other diseases. Noise, heat and light are other forms of pollution we face. Hence, it is important to protect our environment. Also, a phenomenon called soil pollution caused by acid rain, polluted water or fertilizers can cause damage and ill gotten farm produce. Acid rain can destroy fish in lakes and streams. Ultraviolet radiation coming from the atmosphere through the ozone layer can cause skin cancer and other diseases in animals.

A common type of air pollution is when carbon dioxide particles are passed into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels. Non-Biodegradable elements such as plastics can harm the environment. This is because they cannot be degraded by bio-organisms and stay in the environment as unprocessed matter.

Fossil fuel pollution outdoes every other form of pollution. This is caused by power generating units, petroleum refineries, petrochemical plants, production and distribution of fossil fuels, and other manufacturing facilities. Road transport consisting of vehicles are another form of pollutants into the atmosphere. The shipping industry also contributes to air pollution in the atmosphere. Same is the case with the aircraft industry releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Global warming is another effect of carbon dioxide building into greenhouse gases. The warming can cause the polar ice caps to melt. The sea levels can also change in the future. Climate patterns can change as a result of warming. Forest ecosystems are also affected- a warmer climate increases pests which destroy forests in high numbers.
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