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What it's like for me
English class
Speaking out loud
When suddenly
My arms are hot and cold
It's hard to breath
You messed up that last sentence
Reread it
Hope no one laughs
They’re talking again
Couldn’t even keep them
Interested in what I’m saying
I’m done sharing
And no one is raising their hands
Was my writing really that bad?
Or am I overreacting?
Bam, and we’re in math
Going over division, easy stuff
Suddenly I’m called on
Heat and cold course through my arms
I stutter
Just read whats on the paper
I got it wrong
Horribly wrong
Hope they don’t laugh
But they are
And I just want to disappear
And then we’re in science
I don’t have my homework
I don’t want to disappoint her
Too late now
She shakes her head
Sticks out her tongue
Says she’s disappointed in me
The heat and cold are back
And I just wanna curl up into a ball
And I just wanna cry
Social studies is last
And we’re getting our binder checks back
I can’t breath
Heat flashes
And my eyes blur
As I look at my paper
What a fail
The someone asks what I got
I’m shaking
Very visibly
I tell them what I got
They just shake their heads
They got a 100%
No need to rub it in
Finally school is over
But now I have basketball
I have to do my best
Score a basket
Block a pass
Do something
But I fail
I always do
I ask for water
But I’m really trying to breath
I wish I could say this was made up
But it's my reality
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