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Becky gave him a smoky look. “Is that what you really want?”
The Law of Karma

Jason sat ignoring the bar noise around him. He lifted the glass to his lips and sipped the smoky bourbon while admiring himself in the mirror. He hadn’t been back to this town since high school graduation.

Shifting his eyes, he saw her framed in the doorway. She wore a form-fitting dress that was more sensual than chic. “Now that is a w-o-m-a-n,” he muttered.

She smiled at him, causing him to choke. Coughing, he didn’t notice her approach and was startled to see her standing by his table.

“Jason? Don’t you recognize me?” she laughed. “I’m Becky. We went to school together.”

Becky? He remembered a Becky that had been one of the hardcore nihilist chicks he used to make fun of. Wasn’t she part of a coven or some such bullshit?. This definitely wasn’t her!

“What brings you back to town?”

“Just passing through. Drink?”

She laughed impishly. “Sure, but not here. Why don’t we go to the hotel and we can catch up.”

What a stupid bimbo! Still, she is hot. “If you’re sure …”

“We’re not kids anymore,” she said. Standing, she took his arm.

“Oh, darn,” she smiled as they arrived. “The hotel's bar is closed.” Seeing the disappointment on his face, she added mischievously, “I’m sure you have something … up in the room perhaps?”

This is too easy! "Would you like to pinch me now? You’re kidding, right?”

“Why Jason, we’re in public. Pinching is for later.” She burst out laughing at the look on his face.

Jason was confused but couldn’t stop now.

Entering the room, Becky flung off her shoes. She turned her shapely backside toward Jason. “Would you unzip me?”

Jason jumped, surprised. “Uhhh, whatever you need.”

“We’ll get to that.” She peeled off the dress and stretched.

“Do you want drinks?” he stuttered.

Becky gave him a smoky look. “Is that what you really want?” She reached out and rubbed the front of his pants. “It would appear you have something else in mind.” Jason was speechless once more. She laughed at his helplessness.

Jason tried to take control then, pulling her hard against him, his mouth seeking the red lips that were taunting him. “Ouch,” he yelped, pushing her as she bit his lip.

“Don’t be in a rush.” She undid his shirt, pulling it off. Her mouth found a nipple and lightly teased it, biting it playfully. He put his hand behind her head, cradling her to his chest.

She knelt and undid his belt and slid his pants and underwear down. His tumescence free, she cupped his balls as she ran her tongue up and down the shaft. Jason began to groan. “Uh-uh. Not yet,” she said, squeezing to make the point.

Jason reached behind her and undid the bra. Her large breasts were soft and fell against his legs. She took them, wrapping them around his erection, and began to massage him.

“I can’t take anymore,” he said, his body moving involuntarily. He felt her grasp his cock at the base, squeezing the ejaculatory duct.

He looked down and saw a smile on her lips. “Yes you can. You’re not through.”

She stood up and led him to the bed. She lay down, placing a pillow under her bottom for elevation. She guided his head between her legs and moaned softly as he began to run his tongue over and around her clitoris. She felt the first waves of pleasure begin to spread. Becky grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast, her nipples erect with anticipation. Lacing her fingers in his, she began to massage and pinch them, each tweak adding to the building pressure between her legs.

“Roll over on your back!”

Jason’s eyes sparkled with passion and he did as commanded. She grabbed his wrists and tied them to the headboard, then straddled him, guiding him into her molten opening. She paused as the head parted the sensitive flesh, anticipating the throbbing feel of him. With a feral grin, she slid down the shaft until there was nothing left but the entirety of him filling her and the up and down motion of his thrusts and her answering pushes.

The sound of flesh hitting flesh was broken by her low keening. She felt the waves of pleasure build until, with a final crescendo, they formed a tsunami of pleasure and swept her away.

“Holy Mother!” he finally was able to form. “That was … unbelievable.”

Becky’s grin went cold. “No Jason. What’s unbelievable is what a prick you were in high school. All the times you called people names, your disdain for women, your cruelty. You’re about to get a lesson in the laws of Karma.”

Jason’s eyes opened wide with fear. “What … what do you mean?” he said, struggling to get his hands free.

As he watched, Becky began transforming. “This is what happens when you hold hatred in,” she snarled. Her beauty faded and was replaced by a disfigured woman, her breasts sagging, stomach falling over her crotch, and her skin turning dull with dark varicose veins covering her body like tattoos.

In spite of his disgust, a part of him stared in fascination as she reached into a bag hanging by the bed. “It’s time for the real payback,” she cackled. She pulled out a small glowing box and pointed it at him. “I think it’s time for selfies, don’t you?” she chortled. “We can post them later. I'm sure they'll be the talk of the town!”

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